Hero Dog Boo – Loveland, CO

Guide dogs are trained to do extraordinary things and in this story, Boo proves just how amazing they are!  Check out this story from his lucky owner:

"Boo and I were a team for only two weeks when we had our first solo adventure together. It was a trip to Boston for a week of eye appointments. I was beyond exhausted when we made it to our tenth floor hotel room. Boo and I became familiar with the elevators and how to find the grass outside. At 10:00 pm I collapsed into sleep with Boo curled up on the floor at my side. At 2:00 am I am ripped from my deep slumber with Boo on top of me. My brain panicked thinking he had turned into Cujo and was going to mangle me. He remained on top of me until I became fully awake and fully understanding the fire alarms were blasting. I grabbed the phone, but nobody answered at the front desk. I grabbed Boo’s leash and with shaking hands attached it to his collar. I grabbed his harness, but did not want to take the time to put it on. We stepped out into the hallway and the alarms were ear piercing.

"Boo remained calm as I panicked. I did not know where the stairs were. In Boo’s ear I cried, “Find the stairs”. Boo took off down the hall, pass the elevators we knew, and stopped at the door to the stairs. We went down the flights of stairs until Boo stopped at another door. I opened it to fresh air. Boo guided me out and around the hotel to the front of the fire trucks. I wrapped my arms around Boo tight and cried with joy. I slipped his harness over his head and sat on the ground with him."

For more information or to nominate your hero dog, visit the Hero Dog Awards official site!

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12 thoughts on “Hero Dog Boo – Loveland, CO

  1. Denise

    It is so wonderful to see dogs that have such a love for their humans. Nice to see something from home too!

  2. Sandra SLProudom to TinktheTerrier

    For all our Boo's out there...Our friends for life... Our friends that some days simply just "make" our life...Our four-legged loves helping heal our wounded spirits and find our lost souls...Courageous dogs saving our lives in unimaginable, miraculous, unexplainable, and gracious ways. I'm grateful.

  3. William Miller

    That was such a toughing story it is nice to see how much a owner and dog have such a connection. This story just makes my love for dogs grow stronger!

  4. Dana Fouts

    I am assuming that Boo is a trained "working dog". Despite this, Boo's rapid and effective response to the alarms, calm and effective execution of the rescue is not only impressive, but rivals if not supercedes the ability of a trained human
    !Good Boy Boo!.

  5. Nancy

    What a great job, Boo! I am a puppy walker for GDF, getting ready to send my 4th pup back for training and I love to hear how much they do for and with their partners! I will remember this each time I tell a puppy, "Find the stairs."

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