Help Fight Rabies & Animal Cruelty via “Collars Not Cruelty” Campaign

Every year, 20 million dogs are brutally killed every year in failed attempts to fight rabies – that’s 38 every minute.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals’ (WSPA) new campaign, Collars Not Cruelty, is not only calling attention to this horrific issue, but also providing a solution: mass vaccination. According to the organization, widespread dog vaccination is the only scientifically-proven way to end rabies, long-term – and they’ve already demonstrated this in Bali and Sri Lanka, among other places.

Now, WSPA needs your help in bringing the Collars Not Cruelty message to other governments and communities around the world.

Please sign up today for the organization’s first-ever virtual dog march – simply click here, pick a dog, give it a virtual collar and watch it “march” across the Internet on Jan. 24, along with hundreds of thousands of other dogs.

Thanks for your help – together, we can make an incredible difference for millions of dogs, worldwide!

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