Enter the Dog is Good Contest!

Many of you are familiar with our good friends at Dog is Good with whom we produce the Victoria Stilwell Collection of apparel.  The essence of their brand is about how great we feel when we are with our canine companions, and they do this in very clever ways.  To describe the wonderful feeling we have when we are with our dogs, they came up with the word "dogvergnügen" which they define as "the unique joy you feel in the presence of Dog."

This month I am honored to be a judge for the first month of their year-long contest called If "You've Got Dog, You've Got Dogvergnügen."   Photographs need to be of you and your dog(s) and must depict "dogvergnügen."  This month's winner will get a $50 gift certificate to the Dog is Good webstore, an "I Like Big Mutts" tote bag (which I love), and a special gift from me.  The winner will also be entered in the annual contest.

Please enter by going to facebook.com/dogisgood, like their page, and then click on the contest banner near the top of the page.  You will need to act fast, the contest ends Jan 27th!


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