Dog Tattoos – A Horrifying New Trend

I am horrified by this interview with a man who has made headlines by elaborately tattooing his dogs. As if one man doing this weren't disgusting enough, the worldwide attention he is garnering is only going to encourage others to do the same. This is a result of the same "macho" mentality that keeps people from neutering their male dogs and has made cropping a dog's ears a popular trend. Our dogs shouldn't be used as status symbols. If you need to express yourself, do it on your own skin--not your dog's.

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21 thoughts on “Dog Tattoos – A Horrifying New Trend

  1. DeLinda

    It's obvious that this guy thinks it's "cool" to abuse animals... look at those poor dogs' ears!!! I'm surprised he's left their tails on! He should be arrested for this - it's despicable!! It looks like he was high, or drunk, and just started doodling! There's nothing artistic about this!! It's ridiculous and he should be charged with aggravated animal abuse!! Effing LOSER!!!

  2. Jo Fergusson

    You are responsible for your dog they cannot choose. You have to choose well for your dog interests and never your own. Shame on you.

  3. Preeti

    Ugh, how stupid... It doesn't even look like anything, and on such a soft spot?! WHY. WHYWHYWHY. It's not ART. I feel sorry for the dogs, I really hope they were asleep for it all and didn't feel a thing.

  4. Tara

    What an idiot...first problem is cropping the ears than follows it up with a tattoo. Both actions are cruel. I don't have a problem with tattoos, however it is the choice of each individual whether they get one or not, what choice did his dog have?

  5. Andy Svart

    Sure I remeber, that dog's used to be tattooed for identification - but now, while having microchip implant for dogs... WHY?

    To be honest; If would rather implant microchip for some's dog pro bone instead of "letting" one tattooing a dog .

  6. Judi Thomas

    What a total prat. All this, the ears cropped and the tattoos, to make the poor animal look 'hard'. Don't try to compensate for your own shortcomings by modifying your animals, modify your own body and buy a sports car!

  7. Linda Trunell

    I think this is animal abuse and should not be allowed. Greyhound breeders who breed for racing run puppy mills and Greyhound puppies are tatooed in their ear with an id number. Greyhound racing is also animal abuse and should be banned everywhere.

  8. deborah wharton

    I am absolutely disgusted in what this man has done, not just the tattoo's but snipping the ears too. I can't even stand it when people dock tails. Just wrong.
    I am an owner of an 8 1/2 year old staffie bitch and would not hurt a hair on her head or allow anyone to hurt her ever.
    How does he think this is good?

    It's this sort of behavior that sends the wrong message to those who mistreat their pets and gives all us responsible owners a bad name.

    I'm outraged. He shouldn't be aloud to have animals if this is how he treats them.

  9. Joseli

    I'm not against identification number tattooing, Guide Dogs for the Blind had the dogs' id numbers tattooed on the ear of the dogs for the longest time (think they've switched to micro chips now.) I do disagree with large tattooes for the sake of appearance though, that's taking it too far.

  10. Denise Bushnell

    I thought it disgusting, personally. People just don't think. We need to start having tougher penalties for animal abuse. Because that's what it is. The tattoo artist needs his or her license revoked.

  11. Rebecca

    Horrifying is definitely the word! When a human uses an innocent animal as their canvas, that's a reason to take the animal away. This, unfortunately, is very similar to what people in some Asian countries are now doing to animals, specifically pigs. The animals feel pain, they don't understand what is happening to them, it's cruel! Add to this, the way he had his poor dog's ears cut back to the head...this is that gang-macho-tough guy metality that ends up with dogs being used for fighting. Disgusting.

  12. Linda

    This man is so clueless. What he has done is unnecessary for id now that we have microchips. He is just gratifying his own ego at his dog's expense. And as for the ear clipping, why in heaven's name would you deform your dog's ears? I have no objection to people getting tattoos if that's what they want, but the poor dog has no say in the matter.

  13. Denise

    The sick disgusting excuse of a human!!..... why doesnt someone tell him he already looks like his dogs!! no need to add tattoos to prove it!!....Grrrr, I am sick to death of seeing the mutilation and cruelty of animals...............

  14. Zedrea

    The sad thing is one of our local shelters tattoos an id number on the thigh of the dogs before they are adopted out/ I thought that was insane when I saw it at the dog park.

  15. Jan

    Shelters often used to "tatoo" dogs on the inner thigh to help identification of pets. Thankfully, microchipping has taken over this well-meaning (but somewhat barbaric) procedure. However to tatoo a dog simply to place a design on the skin is cruel, inhumane, and should be made illegal. It is right on up there with tail docking and ear cropping, both of which are needless, painful surgical procedures inflicted on innocent animals because humans "like the way it looks". "I like the way it looks" should never be tolerated as a defense for abuse.

  16. Ejona

    First of all its one to cut the ears off its another to tattoo your dog I mean they are not canvases on legs you can fill your body with art but leave these poor animals alone!!!

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