Dakota Territory – Sneak Peek

Check out a sneak peek of tonight's episode!

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3 thoughts on “Dakota Territory – Sneak Peek

  1. Renee Hensley

    I purchased my Lhasa Apso a little over 2 years ago. What she and I loved most were our walks We would walk 2-3 times a day. Also, she is in a fenced in yard & when another pooch would come by she would get very excited and they would play chasing each other up and down the fence. She had no fears. About 1 1/2 years ago she and I were attached on a walk by a large labrador retriever and this 80lb dog almost killed my small 20lb dog. Layla, my dog, had staples placed all around her neck. Since then, she will absolutely not take a walk. Get's very excited when I mention it but when we get oustide the fence to the end of the driveway, she takes a stance and freezes. There is no moving her. Also, when she is either outside or inside and a dog is walked by our home, she goes absolutely balistic making sounds that only came out of her when she was being attacked. She is very anxious and this is very upsetting to me. I know that Lhasa Apso's do not require excercise and not being able to walk her is no big deal excercise speaking but she and I enjoyed the experience so very much. She was such a more calm, happy, carefree dog before the attack. I have tried everything from clicking training to taking goodies on the walk but nothing has worked. Please help me, I am desperate and hate to think my poor Layla is going to have to live in this fear forever. Thanking you kindly for any response. Renee

  2. Theresa Corrall

    I am the proud owner of a stubborn Bull Terrier too. I was wondering what kind of harness you used on Dakota. My guy, Gwilym is a puller also. Right now I use a regular harness and martingale collar, but the harness doesn't seem to give me enough control. He isn't aggressive, just overly friendly and a big boy at least 95 pounds and all muscle. So he can be intimidating looking, but he doesn't know his own strength. I walk him everyday that I can. With working a full time job and going to college at night. I know I am letting him down.

    My breeder told me to put a pinch collar on him. I didn't like it, afraid of the damage it could cause, because he is a puller.

    Please any help would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Emma

    I would love to see the rest of this episode but I'm in the UK! Scary scary the way hubby and kids were reacting to the dogs behaviour!

    To above comments, please guys, if you need help with training find a positive method trainer in your area!

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