Behind the Scenes at Crufts

Nando and I asking some tough trivia questions.

Nando and I asking some tough trivia questions with fellow trainer Steve Mann.

It's that time of year again! I'm off to the UK to take part in Crufts, the largest dog show in the world. I'll be there for all four days of the show, starting this Thursday the 5th. Make sure to stop by the Positively booth (Hall 3, booth 45-b) to say hello!

Whether you're an annual attendee of the show or you've never even heard of it, you've got to check out my new web series that's all about Crufts. Starring myself and dog trainer/heartthrob Nando Brown, this series takes you inside the dog show, and will test how much you know about dogs and the history of Crufts.

Scroll down to catch the first two episodes of the series.

In Episode 1, Nando and I quiz the public on their dog knowledge, have an interesting chat with a few familiar faces, and end up in a compromising situation together at the Hearing Dogs For Deaf People booth.

In Episode 2, we catch up with dog trainer Jordan Shelley to talk about how even macho tough guys can train positively, as well as the wonderful Sarah Fisher who gives me her thoughts on why positive training is so important. We also stump more attendees with our Crufts trivia. 

I'm especially excited for this year's show because I'll be with the Channel 4 broadcast team, joining the fabulous Clare Balding and Iwan Thomas to cover all aspects of this huge event.

Check out the first two episodes of my new Crufts series:

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Positively Expert: Victoria Stilwell

Victoria Stilwell is a world-renowned dog trainer best known as the star of the internationally acclaimed TV series, It’s Me or the Dog. A bestselling author, Stilwell frequently appears in the media as a pet expert and is widely recognized and respected as a leader in the field of animal behavior.


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