Ask Victoria – Mary Johnson

Dear Victoria,

I have a pit bull that’s a year and 3 months. He’s a good dog, but have only one problem. When he hears the door bell he gets very hyper, and when a guest comes over he jumps them at the door. He jumps on them and is all over them. How can I stop this behavior? I’ve tried the wait command and it’s not being affective. Please help.

Mary Johnson, Channelview, TX

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5 thoughts on “Ask Victoria – Mary Johnson

  1. Janae

    Dear Victoria,
    I have three dogs, Gidget, Bandit, and Tyson. They are really sweet dogs........if you know them. They attack other dogs or they make it seem like they want to but sometimes they just want to sniff them. But they also try to attack the gardeners, the pool man, and people they don't know. We try to get them to calm down,but they won't. I am trying to get on your show, but I don't know how. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I really admire you and your work with dogs.

  2. Michelle

    I love your show I have 19 month old shit zue the only problem I have is is still goes number 2 in the house and He will not sleep in the crate at night. When I leave the house for work or whatever I do. He is quiet. Please help. Also when are you coming to HoustonTexas area?

  3. rachael stoy

    Hi I have a maltese everytime he hears something he goes crazy barking. I have tried those things to make them stop barking and it doesnt work on him he will look back then continue barking. I need help rachael

  4. Emily

    Hiya,ive got a 1 year old west highland terrier he always come in to the sitting room and barks,very loud once he did it nonstop growl and bark for 45min please help me control him!


  5. Elizabeth

    hi! i have a yellow lab who is a wonderful dog. she is extremely well behaved. but whenever anybody walks by, she goes crazy barking! we cant get her to stop. do you have a solution?

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