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Dear Victoria:

Our 2 yr old golden doodle has been diagnosed w/ OCD because she chases shadows constantly. She did not start this behavior until she was about a year old. We’ve tried medications that have not worked, but what we really want is to know if this is something that training would help. She is very intelligent, but I don’t know how to train her. We just do not have trainers available in Mississippi. We are desperate. When she is in ”shadow zone” she’s like a zombie. Please help.

Thank you,
Jamie P., Madison, MS

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3 thoughts on “Ask Victoria – Jamie P

  1. Jessica

    My dog was diagnosed with OCD and we found distraction really did work. Her obsessions led her to fly bite-randomly bite the air, and lick her paws excessively until they became red and raw. I tried the medication for a bit, but didn't think it was appropriate. The best thing to do is troubleshoot. I found that when Lucky was at agility or at my mom's house with her dog, that the need to fly bite and lick her paws dramatically decreased or was eliminated. So the best 'medicine' was practicing training throughout the week and adding a new dog to our family. Since then, my dog's habits have definitely decreased. I tried the longer walks, but we were already going for 4 walks a day, and she didn’t tire easily. Mental stimulation is the best. Good luck!

  2. tjm

    My jack russell was diagnosed with OCD after he started chasing his tail constantly and chewed the end a few times. When I rescued him at 1 year old, the end of his tail was bleeding. He has to wear a cone all the time to prevent tail chewing, He is on medication. We find this works along with distraction. Wish we could get him to give up his cone. Any suggestions?

  3. Annie

    How do I deal with a large dog's unsociability and reactivity with strangers and some visiting friends?

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