Announcing My New Line of Premium Ladies Tops!

The new 'Inspire Respect' two-layer top with Charlie the French Bulldog.

I'm thrilled to announce that the first in my new line of premium ladies shirts that I co-designed with our new partner, Dog is Good, are now available! Featuring 3 beautiful new designs intended to celebrate the positive in our relationships with our dogs, this launch marks the beginning of an exclusive partnership between myself and a dynamic dog-related apparel company that I've long admired.

When we began looking for partners to help expand the Victoria Stilwell Positively apparel collection, it quickly became clear that there was really no decision to make at all. I've known the team behind Dog is Good for several years, having first met them during a shoot for It's Me or the Dog in Los Angeles.

I've always loved their witty, fun, elegant and perfectly-pitched products, and as we began discussions about the possibility of working together, it was quickly obvious that both companies shared a passion for promoting the ideals behind the Positively concept: make the world a better place for dogs and their people by encouraging positive relationships and avoiding the use of fear and punishment when building bonds based on mutual trust, respect and love.

These first three shirts perfectly echo that mission, and I'm proud to be bringing them to the market now:


Follow Me

This lipstick-red, long sleeved, fashion-fit v-neck tee features one of my core beliefs: "I want my dog to follow me because she wants to, not because she's afraid of what will happen if she doesn't." Including a silhouette of my own beloved Sadie, the inside of the design lays it out further:

Because she knows I will treat her with Kindness.
Because she knows I will care for her and return her Loyalty.
Because she can Trust that I will give her a home where she will be Safe.
Because she looks to me for Guidance and I look to her for Inspiration.
Because with a little bit of Respect and Cooperation, all things are Possible.

Pre-order Follow Me here.


Kindness is Powerful... Pass It On

Proclaiming a favorite phrase of mine, this short-sleeved essential fit t-shirt says it all. I truly believe that great power lies in the ability and confidence required to be kind in any scenario, and that if we treat our dogs with the kindness they deserve, our relationship with them is on the right track towards harmony and balance. For too long, traditional trainers have claimed a monopoly on the concept that in order to be a successful leader, you must exert your power and influence over your dog by forcing him into submission. Nonsense. True, we must be effective and strong leaders, but the best leaders effect change in others without the use or threat of force or intimidation. This t-shirt celebrates the greatness that can be uncovered by showing kindness not just to animals, but also to each other.

Pre-order Kindness is Powerful here.


Inspire Respect

I love this design, as it simply and succinctly conveys what I try to accomplish in my work with animals. If we can inspire one another to respect our pets instead of treating them as things we own and control, we'll all be infinitely better off. Gone are the days when we need to dominate our dogs. We need to treat our pets with the love and respect they deserve from us, and if we can inspire others to do the same, it'll be contagious. (It would work pretty well with fellow humans, too, but that may be asking too much in this day and age!)

I also love the 2-layer style of this shirt. It's similar to the very popular Positively 2-Layer Top, and this one has been regularly getting lots of positive comments since I started wearing it around.

Pre-order Inspire Respect here.

In my new 'Follow Me' top with Olivia & Charlie.


I'm so excited to be launching this new line of premium tops, All of which are of the highest quality and were specially selected.Currently exclusively available on the Positively store and the Dog is Good website, they're pre-shrunk and designed to be an elegant, classy fit regardless of your size and shape.

Click the images above to check out the shirts on the Positively store or click the link below.

For more information about Dog is Good, visit their official site.

PRE-ORDER THE NEW SHIRTS HERE.  (Orders will ship by Sept 1, 2012)

Be sure to use the promo code PREORDER15 and get 15% off your entire order when you buy one or more of the new shirts!


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14 thoughts on “Announcing My New Line of Premium Ladies Tops!

  1. Susan Crawford

    Hi, I love these new tops, can we order these anywhere in the UK ???

    Thank you


  2. donna

    the tops look fab.its just a shame you only go up to xx2. there will be alot of people witch are bigger then that. i am one of them that will not be able to have any of your tops as i am a 4xl also you size and priceing is only for the us. people out side of the us mght not no haw to size them selfs o under stand the priceing. thanks donna good luck with them as i think they are fab x

  3. Elisabeth Matell

    Oh no! I want you to not become a brand but to stay as you are, St Victoria riding to the rescue of badly treated dogs and ignorant (or worse) owners. When I first saw you on TV, looking like a young Audrey Hepburn, I thought no one so beautiful, young and slim can know anything about dogs and dog training. But I was wrong!

    The patient and kind way you deal with naughty dogs and the people who made them that way is amazing. And how you went all out to save Lennox deserves a medal.

    But now, ladies tops....nah, don't like it. Sorry.

  4. jacki

    Do u do a catalogue? Also will u b doing these tops in British cuddly dog owner sizes thank you x

  5. Patricia Marland

    Where are these made? In the USA, UK, or somewhere else? Are the "ingredients" sourced in the USA? UK?

  6. Alicia Sacha

    Could you give me the UK size equivalent - I want a UK 12 but is that a small / medium or possibly large?


  7. Ashley

    I personally love the tops and the chance to get your name out there to everyone who sees me wear one because I love your training methods. However, I wish these new designs also came in short sleeved versions. I don't wear long sleeved t's very often, I usually layer over top of t-shirts with hooded sweatshirts in the winter so I can easily shed a layer if I need to. Also, would be cool if you offered larger sizes as someone else mentioned. I will be able to wear the ones you have now, but JUST so. It is hard enough being bigger without having to be constantly reminded when we want to order neat shirts, etc and the sizing just isn't there.

  8. Chloe

    Hello and I love the clothing line and what each stand for.

    I know Victoria is very busy and I am sure all your questions will be answered, maybe I can be of some help because I have dealt with online clothing lines:)

    To the full figured woman and plus sizes it says above:

    "Currently exclusively available on the Positively store and the Dog is Good website, they're pre-shrunk and designed to be an elegant, classy fit regardless of your size and shape" Go to the "ladies apparel" section when you click "shop" above and they are unisex short sleeved shirts that all also bigger then the new ones listed above if you want a bigger size or short sleeves as these questions have been asked here.

    Also I know it would be fabulous to have Victoria herself help you, but as once you click "shop" it gives you all the information you will need to know for any questions. You can email the people who are doing the line and know about the questions you need to know. I believe it is costumer service:)

    They are designed to stretch and are not tight. So, I understand wanting a bigger size as it appears skinny, but it will stretch to fit you. However, it is about if you want a fit that is not loose, yet fits:) Also, Victoria and Dog is Good could be doing a test run and if sells are demanded enough they can put them in plus size stores or online. This is her first line and most start out as a trail bases. I think you should go for it, but if not, give it some time and if enough ask for full figured and plus sizes, with the line being successful as I know it will, I think you will find sizes will become more of a selection.

    As far as U.K sizes and USA, because you are ordering online it says above one size fits all, so it doesn't matter what size you order, they are all the same.

    Weather or not you personally like the new clothing line or not, to praise Victoria and then say you don't like the new line is a bit of an ugly thing to say as it really is about what they stand for and why she is putting the sayings out there. These are positive sayings, perhaps think about it that way and not just the look of them.

    I hope I was of some help and let us support the meaning of what is said on the shirts. I wish you all well and thank you Victoria for teaming up as a co-designer with Dog is Good. I am very excited and will be doing some shopping from the line:)


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  10. Ann

    Love these, and love Dog is Good! Great partnership idea!

    To the people querying from the UK: when I lived in England I was able to order things from Dog is Good website and have them shipped to the UK. You have to email them first and find out what the shipping cost will be, then decide if you want to spend the extra on shipping. They sent them out promptly and I loved the products I bought from them!

    As for UK sizes, I wore a UK 14 when I ordered a Dog is Good t-shirt. I wanted it roomy and since women's t-shirts often run a little on the small side I ordered a Large, but it was actually a bit too roomy for me. I would say for these you are safe ordering whatever you would order in the UK (SML). Dog is Good has sizing info on their website.

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