American Dog With Victoria Stilwell – Canine Assistants

American Dog With Victoria Stilwell tells the incredible stories of dogs and humans affecting each other's lives for the better.

Canine Assistants trains and provides service dogs to people with medical conditions and disabilities. The results are nothing short of amazing. Recipients experience a freedom that would be otherwise impossible. The dogs change peoples lives. And all of it free of charge. Founded in 1991 by Jennifer Arnold, Canine Assistants now places 75 to 100 dogs annually.

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7 thoughts on “American Dog With Victoria Stilwell – Canine Assistants

  1. Jean Butler

    What a wonderful film. It brought tears to my eyes. Dogs are such wonderful creatures. Full of love. Thats all they want, is to be loved by their owners. The joy in the eyes of their new owners says it all. Thank you to all the places that do this kind of work, and thank you Victoria for taking time to visit one.

  2. Nancy Hans

    Bless you for doing such wonderful work! A house is not a home without a Dog - and it is clear from this video and the devotion in your voices how important dogs all to us all. Wag n Wiggles forever.

  3. Michelle Thomas

    Thank you for bringing "Canine Assistants" to everyones attention. I can't say enough about what they do & the positive impact they make on the life of individuals & families. I know that Allison & her entire family have been blessed with the addition of Stuart & I am certain that all of the dogs will have an impact on the life of their owners. We are measured by the love others have for us. There is no doubt that the love between owners & their dogs is immeasurable as is the love they have for "Cannine Assistants".

  4. Nikki

    My name is Nikki Moore and I am trying to get a dog for my 10 year old child who has type 1 diabetes, and last year spent 10 days in the hospital frompsuedo-seizuers due from aniexty and depression issue of being newly diagnosed with diabetes. My child has been truly had a rough three (3) years. I have to get up at 2 am to check her blood sugars everynight, asmy child is both hypo and hyperglycemic. I think that a service dog would be a great thing for her. My child would finally have a companion other than me that she can trust and depend on.

    Please let me know if you can help.

    Thank you,
    Nikki Moore

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