A Kid in a Candy Store

Victoria with Dr. Marty Becker at the 2011 Global Pet Expo

I felt like a kid in a candy store last week surrounded by every kind of product a pet and their person could need. The Global Pet Expo takes place in March every year in Orlando and is so large that by the time you have walked the entire floor your feet are aching. The Expo is only open to those involved in the pet product industry and is the place where traders go to do business, make deals and launch new brands. There is a lot of money to be made in the pet industry and everyone is competing to get their product into the mainstream market. Businesses from all over the world come to the Expo, some demonstrating innovative new products that are clever in their originality and others that have me scratching my head in bewilderment trying to understand how they could possibly be serious. I won’t mention any names but there are some people out there with some pretty wacky ideas. Then there are the food producers and manufacturers from the big name brands to the small organic businesses that have every kind of food or treat a pet could want. It’s encouraging to see how natural and organic foods, once thought of as hokey and over-priced, are becoming more popular as consumers get smart about the importance of feeding their dogs a healthy diet.

I was attending the Expo to receive the ‘Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contribution to the Pet Industry’ Award. Past recipients of this award have included the wonderful Dr. Marty Becker, Rachel Ray and Ellen DeGeneres, so I was really honored to attend the ceremony and receive the award. You can watch video from the event here.

I came home from the Expo laden with toys for the girls. Sadie and Jasmine are the best critics when it comes to dog toys and I rely on their expert feedback. While some of them were destroyed within a matter of minutes, others required a lot of mental energy, especially when there was food involved that needed to be extracted. I delighted in seeing their excitement as I produced yet another amazing creation for them to play with and after an evening of this the girls were exhausted. It reminded me how important it is to give dogs a chance to play while expending mental energy and there are so many wonderful toys out on the market that can give your dog hours of fun while tiring them out at the same time. It will be interesting to see if some of the new products I saw being launched at the Expo will make it into stores, because if they do, my girls will be very happy.

Watch an interview from Global Pet Expo.

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6 thoughts on “A Kid in a Candy Store

  1. Lisa Ackerman

    I did not get to attend the Expo, but my product was launched that week. I partnered with Springer America, a company with a great product, Springer Dog Exerciser. It's the best, and safest, bike tandem arm on the market ~ my partnership with them is modifying their two-wheel bike arm to adapt for tricycles and recumbent bikes. I am honored to begin my product line for biking and triking with dogs, a division of my company called "Biker T-Dogs". I just wanted to share my product with you since I know you are very positive about keeping dogs well exercised. Maybe you can utilize the Tandem arm for your training! I am unable to do long walks, so triking with all four of my 70lb. dogs is an incredible way to enjoy the exertion with my dogs. Congrats on your award, YOU DESERVE IT! Keep up the good work Victoria!

  2. lee day

    youimade a speach you are noy just beauitful outside but inside also and taht is so imoprtant the expo called me and siad they could not give you the messge to contact me put that,s ok we will get to talk write now i,m upset elizbeth talor who i,v been friends with for many years is gone she was not just a client to me in fact i,m looking at pictures of my hand her dog sugar om my wall and my heart is breaking talk to you soon victora you take care of your self and your baby,s daughter and husband with love and friendship leeday

  3. yukara

    I just saw your message after the program on Animal Planet in Japan.
    Thank you so much for your kindness.
    The most important daily work for dogs,
    walking will be a task of diffculty around the evacuation area especially near the nuclear power plant.
    Although we are now in a serious crisis, will never give up.
    Have a happy life with our precious pets :))
    Thanks again, Victoria!

  4. Molly

    I went to the Pet Expo in 2009, and it was fantastic. I had the opportunity to meet with some extraordinary dog enthusiasts and watch dog training demos by SitMeansSit. Probably the most memorable event to happen was a freestyle frisbee show performed by the DiscConnected K-9s. I had seen their performances many times in the past, but this one had to rule out the others in terms of brilliance. The dogs (E-Z Rider, Zora, and Diva) along with the handlers appeared to be having a great time while presenting the crowd with jaw-dropping flips and catches.

    If you live in the Orlando area, another fun anuual dog-centered event is Paws in the Park. It's outdoors so you can bring your own pet and there are games, booths, food, training demos, rescue organizations, and live music. If my memory serves me well, I believe an agility performed as well as the DiscConnected K-9s.

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