Positively TV

The future of dog videos is here!

Positively TV is Victoria Stilwell’s premium subscription video-on-demand service. Positively TV is a subscriber-based platform which contains the entire library of Victoria’s Positively video content plus exclusive new videos that will be released only to subscribers every week.


Subscribers have access to Victoria directly and are able to ask dog training questions, request new video topics, and maintain a dialogue with Victoria and the Positively TV team that is unique among dog video platforms.

With simplified single sign-on access, viewers can take Positively TV with them wherever they go and watch on their computers, Apple TV, Roku, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

Once users subscribe at tv.positively.com and download the free Positively TV Apple and/or Android apps, they can activate as many devices as they want for free so that they can start watching on one device, pause it, and resume watching on another device – Positively TV remembers where the user left off and starts there again automatically!

Video series on Positively TV feature information including:

  • Dog training tips and secrets
  • Solutions for dog behavior problems
  • Exclusive access to Victoria’s thoughts on the latest dog news
  • Unique conversations with dog world luminaries
  • Premium web series like Guardians of the Night, Arson Dogs, and Unsung Heroes
  • Ask Victoria questions and answers
  • Victoria Stilwell Academy seminar excerpts
  • Book and product reviews
  • And much more!

All new subscribers are eligible for a 7-day free trial.


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