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Setting Kids & Dogs Up for Success

Posted on: May 15, 2016 - No Comments

A wonderful relationship between kids and dogs can be facilitated by knowing what your dog is saying when interacting with kids, while teaching kids how to respectfully and safely interact with your dog.

Victoria on Dog Bite Prevention

Posted on: May 22, 2015 - No Comments

Victoria was featured on HLN, where she talked about preventing dog bites, just in time for Dog Bite Prevention Week. With more than 4 million dog bites occurring just last year, it's critical that this important information becomes common knowledge.

When Trick or Treat is a Tricky Thing

Posted on: October 28, 2014 - No Comments

Orlando-based VSPDT Lorena Patti discusses how to keep your little trick-or-treaters safe from stressed out dogs on Halloween.

Forcing Hugs on Dogs Can Amount to Punishment

Posted on: September 29, 2014 - 5 Comments

When we hug our dogs we are sending out our affection and sharing our love. What we are giving out isn’t necessarily what the dog is receiving. To a dog, a hug is very bad canine etiquette, pushy behavior associated with establishing social status, an invasion of space, threatening.

A Fatal Dog Attack – How Missing Key Signs Led to Tragedy

Posted on: June 20, 2013 - 27 Comments

Who was to blame for the recent fatal attack by a pitbull on a six year old boy in California? The dog, the child or the parent or relatives that were responsible for the child’s care?