Positively Success Story: Poodle

I used to live with friends that had a overly energetic, too smart for his own good, poodle mix. The dog had almost no training and was incredibly annoying, and he didn’t respond to any of the ”training” I or they tried to give him (using force based training).

Then I stumbled over ”It’s Me or the Dog” online, diced up some cheese and tried training… you could see the lightbulb go off over the dogs head! and we had so much fun. We got him some food puzzle toys as well, and the entire dog changed to a much more mellow sweet dog that you could actually communicate with.

That was the beginning of the journey where I started to learn about dogs, what they need, want, how they learn and communicate.
Now I have my own little rescue, exclusively positively trained. Because positive training is easy, effective and fun for all parties involved.

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