Positively Success Story: Piper

IMG_3756AMy APBT Piper is a certified Therapy Dog. Her work with special needs children, mostly with Autism, has proven that these children CAN and WILL respond socially.

Piper has a calmness and kindness about her that these children are drawn to, they trust in her, and know that with her by their side they can accomplish any task given to them. They have become fond of reading aloud while laying next to her. She also participated in a finger painting project with them, allowing them to express who they are while painting a picture.

They look forward to her visits, and are now communicating with their parents about Piper, their special friend, who they love. Piper also participates in the "Circle of Friends" Autism camp as a special guest. IMG_3701A

Piper loves what she does, and her connection with these children is one that you'd have to see to believe. The success in this story is seen in these children and how far they've come since Piper's been a part of their lives. Pictures and videos are posted all over Pipers fb page, "Pipers Page Of Life".

Piper along with her Therapy work, also participates in hosting events for awareness. Her annual Coast to Coast Bully Walk, in honor of Pit Bull Awareness is one of her most successful events, attracting over 200 dogs and their owners in an amazing pack walk, special guest speakers, and so much more. Piper is an example, not an exception, and positive training methods has proven that time and time again.



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3 thoughts on “Positively Success Story: Piper

  1. vmsgirl71

    We love Laura and Piper! They are both amazing and I am honored to call Laura a friend! We also drive in from SE Michigan to attend their bully walk every year. Milo wouldn't have it any other way! <3 ("")

  2. Cheryl Huerta

    Piper's mom Laura is a dear friend of mine and a fellow pit bull advocate who does great work for the cause. I am SO very happy to see her getting the recognition that they both deserve for the wonderful work they do with the kids and the other things they do. Thanks Ms. Stilwell.

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