Positively Success Story: Mushu

Mushu1I adopted Mushu (a patterdale terrier cross) when he was just 8 months old. He had been abused by the first family and given to another family who didn't have the patience for him and abused him also. He was given to a third family who could not take his aggressive behavior around their children. He hated men and barked at everyone.

My dog Daizy (a yorkie) and I took him in and showed him the love and affection he deserved. He and Daizy took to each other right away, which helped! I had been using positive training with her and so it was easy to do it with Mushu. The results are PHENOMENAL! He used to bark at everyone, now he barks once, I say thank you and he stops. He used to aggressively "go after" other dogs on the trail, other people, bikes, skateboards etc. Now the only thing he reacts to is me saying "look what I got" and getting his treat.

He is the cuddliest most lovable dog you would ever want to meet! His favorite place to sit is in my lap. When I brought Levi (my husband)home the first time, Mushu took right to him and they are the best of buds. He has also adopted my step daughter as one of his people and he will try to herd us back together if we start to go separate ways on our nature walks.

It took a lot of hard work and patience but it has totally paid off. I can't imagine what he did to have those other people hurt him, but we think they may have hit him with a baseball bat. One day as I was cleaning out my softball bag, I took my bat out and laid it on the floor. Mushu became scared and agitated and would not come to me. I put the bat away and he jumped in my lap and tried to hide. (He never hides!) Needless to say the softball bat does not come into the house anymore.

Knowing that he had been abused, we were (are) careful not to raise our hands to him, not even teasing, and make sure he has a safe place to go to if he needs it. I don't know what I would have done without Victoria's help. I watched It's Me or the Dog over and over again; it was my go to thing if I was having difficulty with Mushu. T

he hardest part was to see that his thought process is different that Daizy's. She picked up on things quicker than Mushu, but once I realized he responds to things differently, I was able to communicate with him better and he flourished! Mushu is a well adjusted 4 year old dog who is the happy and healthy. I can't imagine my life without him or Daizy! Thank you Victoria!

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