Positively Success Story: Liz H.

1013374_691903199509_27039954_nWe brought my dog home as a 3 month old pup. He hated cars. They made him so nervous, he puked and drooled all over himself to the point of needing a bath every time. As he got bigger, it got harder to get him in the car when we needed to go somewhere. Finally, he was full size and he’d rather choke on his leash than be dragged in to the car. I felt hopeless. What’s more, we were going to be moving across the country in a month and a half which meant spending four days in a car with a dog who drooled and threw up on himself. Great.

Looking for some much needed help, I went to Victoria’s forum, Positively. The trainers and other experienced board members gave me the help I needed! It took a long time with several steps in between, but basically my dog was coaxed into being comfortable next to my car with hot dog pieces. Then he was made comfortable with just one door open. Then with me sitting just inside the door. Then with him putting his paws in the car. Then getting in the car. Getting in and closing the door. Closing the door and turning the car on. Finally, having the car on and driving around. It took a long time! But it was worth it. I now have a dog who is super excited to get in the car and go fun places and he doesn’t make messes anymore!

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