Positively Success Story: Ferdinand & Diva

I am the proud mum to two enormous newfoundland dogs, aged 8 and 6. My eight year old I have had since he was three months old and he has always been treated almost as an equal.

I learned very early on that with a dog that size, and a working breed as well, if I wanted him to do anything it had to be his idea and the best way to achieve that, is always to reward him for anything.

He learned very early on that he is heavier and stronger than me! My girl was an ex show dog when I was lucky enough to get her at the age of three and the same has applied to her. Though not as stubborn, she does have selective hearing!DIGITAL CAMERA

But the amazing thing with these dogs now is that they know what I am thinking and what I want from them without any instruction. If I stop on a walk to pick up the poo, they stop and wait for me!

DIGITAL CAMERAA GSD owner recently asked why they were so well behaved! This was someone who has an intelligent breed leaping about on the end of an extension lead! Give them the respect they deserve, and you won't go far wrong.

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