Positively Success Story: Casey

My Miniature Schnauzer, Casey, has always been a bit aggressive toward other dogs. I had been taking him to the dog park to try to get him better socialized but initially he’d lunge and growl at the others. In class I asked about the problem and was told to pull Casey away when he lunged and tell him to sit and then give him a treat. It soon dawned on me that Casey would lunge and then run over to me and sit. I finally realized that Casey was getting the wrong message.

When you first walked into the fenced in playground area, all the dogs already there came running to greet the newcomer. One day an Italian Mastiff got Casey down and wouldn’t let him up. There we were, pinned between the gate and a bunch of dogs with this giant doing the aggression. The next week I decided to go before class in hopes that there might be a few dogs in the playground. Sure enough, the only one there was Mr. Mastiff. So, I just took Casey to the fence where he growled and carried on with the Mastiff. I’d walk away with him and then back to the fence–growled again. Walked him away and back to the fence. Then, Casey was quiet and just sniffed so I gave him a treat and praised him to high heaven. We walked into the playground and everything was just fine.

Too bad it took me so long to figure things out.
Needs more practice but now there’s hope.

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