Who Let the Dogs Pig Out? – MSNBC article

logo-msnbcVictoria was featured in an MSNBC article on February 22, 2010.  In the feature entitled “Who let the dogs pig out?” Victoria discussed the importance of exercising your dog.  Victoria said, “An overweight dog shows real negligence by the owner.  There’s pressure on the bones and the heart and the organs.”  Read the story here.

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2 thoughts on “Who Let the Dogs Pig Out? – MSNBC article

  1. Arlyn Sigeti-Lucken

    I agree with victoria Stilwell about canine obesity. I have been a dog trainer for 14 years. I also work in a pet supply retail chain. I see what people are buying. The quantity of treats that are purchased is unbelieveable. Also I hear the feeding habits. Too many dogs are allowed to free feed, which is probably the biggest reason for canine obesity. Dogs get treats just because.... Dogs are fed from the table because they are cute, or because the owner feels guilty. Exercise is part of it, but people need to be educated about what, how, where, and when to feed their dogs.

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