Victoria’s Webinar with Dogington Post

Victoria Stilwell Webinar on Dogington PostVictoria recently conducted her very first webinar, a 1.5 hour webinar with Dogington Post. She discusses her positive training philosophy, the science behind positive training, and debunks the "alpha dog" myth. In addition, you'll get the answers to commonly asked questions about positive training and learn the important differences between positive training methods and the more traditional punitive methods. Learn why dogs aggress and how your dog thinks and learns. Watch this powerful webinar below.

For more in-depth information about dog training and behavior, buy Victoria's new book here.

Video not loading? Watch the webinar here.

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2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Webinar with Dogington Post

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  2. Ariel Harrison

    Hey there Victoria, I just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me to do my best with dogs. Everything you've posted either from Facebook, Youtube, or your books and any other published citings, I have taken to heart. I learned a lot from this webinar and enjoyed listening to you talk about the hows and whys on what dogs do. I based a lot of my learning off of you and a couple of other trainers and I hope to be as great as you one day. I am a dog trainer, and I would one day love to be a part of your program and bring it to Salem Oregon, but right now I can't unfortunately. One day though! You've inspired me to get more in depth with my classes and even though I talk about bonding with their dogs, I never thought to ask them specific questions as finding motivators for their dogs other than treats, and what their body language tell them in all situations they put their dog in. This was VERY helpful and I hope to read/hear/see more from you in the future. I hope you bring back It's me or the Dog and I'm glad you took over Ehow because the last guy was not the best trainer at all.

    I was wondering if you had any links in regards to dogs feeling Jealousy, because I was always under the impression that dogs could not feel Jealousy and that it was a resource guarding behavior that they were displaying, not actual jealousy.

    I hope to meet you again (We met in Salem Oregon), even if you probably don't remember me, but I will never forget the moment that I met you. You are a major Idol in my life and I hope to be as great as you one day!

    Ariel Harrison with Pawsitive Pawz Dog Training

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