Victoria Trains for Oprah Magazine

Victoria worked with Oprah Magazine to provide a training session to Oprah reader Megan Wargula and her two border terriers.  The session was part of Oprah's ongoing 'May We Help You' series where lifestyle experts are recruited to oversee different types of makeovers.  In Megan's case, she needed help with constant whining/barking, jumping up and poor socialization with other dogs. 

Also included in the article are Victoria's 4 tips for raising a well-behaved dog.  Victoria explains why using positive reinforcement instead of dominance techniques is more effective and more fun for everyone.

Read the article here.

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  • Linda Michaels

    Thank you Oprah and Victoria for putting non-aversive training, at long last, on the front burner for millions of Oprah's readers and Positively Victoria followers. We could not be more proud or inspired by this ground-breaking turn of events for the widespread recognition of non-contact, force-free dog training methods as the preferred, most efficacious and kindest method of training.

    Each issue was addressed with intelligence and imagination, as well as a few tried and true techniques, resolving some common, yet difficult behavioral problems in a manner that enhanced the human-animal bond.

    Kudos to you both for a tremendous achievement through the meeting of great hearts, minds, personalities and media! What a world of good you've done for dog-loving people, trainers and communities everywhere. I thank you and the dogs thank you.

    Linda Michaels, MA Psychology, CPDT-KA
    North Coastal San Diego, CA

  • Megan Wargula

    I second Linda's comments as my dogs and I were the subject of this article and I could not have been more impressed with Victoria and her technniques. Believe me, we had tried lots of other methods, including no-no's like choke chains, cintronella collars, etc...I was amazed with the results we saw and how quickly the dogs responded to the positive training. I am still working dilligently with the dogs and we make improvements every day. Finlay just encountered his "nemesis" the other day and I was able to get him to focus on me and not the other dog as we peacefully walked by. As a result of my experience, I try to educate others on positive techniques because they really work and have improved my bonds with my dogs. Thanks Victoria!

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