Victoria to Answer Fan Questions with Marlo Thomas

Victoria will be a guest on Marlo Thomas' weekly web show, Mondays With Marlo, which airs on the Huffington Post and On the show, Victoria will chat with Marlo about why it's preferred to build relationships with your dog based on mutual trust, respect and love as opposed to pain, fear and intimidation.  She will also be answering fans' questions throughout the show. Questions can now be posted directly to the episode page here.

Stay tuned here to watch this episode, which will air in late May or early June.

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3 thoughts on “Victoria to Answer Fan Questions with Marlo Thomas

  1. Annette

    Victoria: If my dog gets out of the house or off the leash she runs away for up to 24 hours. She eventually comes back to the house but won't come in. I try to catch her she looks at me, turns her head and runs but always stays around the house. I've tried begging her with food and trying to physically jump on her to catch her - nothing works. She will come in on her terms about 4 a.m. after a full day of causing trouble with the neighbors. Everybody knows us becuase of our dog.....what can I do my husband wants to find her a new home or take her to the pound.

  2. glyn

    my rspca dog fouls the house even after he has been walked before he went to bed, but in the morning the porch has been fouled, even though he has access to the garden , this also happens in the daytime.
    we have tried everything extended walks seems to be the only thing but walking most of the day is not possible ,although he has a good two walks every day.
    we have tried different foods ,times,portion sizes ,treat balls the list goes on please please help as i assume this to be the reason his first two owners returned Ruffus,as the only advice was not to allow him on beds as he would foul. any constuctive advice would be greatful

    Regards Glyn

  3. Melissa

    I had a miniature dachshund that passed away a year ago and everything he learned was stuff i learned from its me or the dog I have a miniature dachshund now that is just over a year old. This dog is absolutely NOT food motivated whatsoever. He is incredibly picky when it comes to food and treats. A lot of the time he will turn his nose up to whatever I try to give him. My biggest issue with him is his barking. I take him for walks every day and he loves it but he knows every house that has dogs or children that play outside and he starts barking before we get to those houses all the way until we are way past the house. I've tried to get his attention with dog treats, chicken, turkey, hotdogs, etc. Nothing has worked. He completely ignores the fact that I have food. I've tried turning around, stopping hoping that eventually he will stop barking so we can carry on but it doesn't work. He is also very sketchy around other people. He will bark at them and bark at them with his tail wagging but if they make any kind of move he runs away from them. Nobody besides immediate family are able to pick him up because they can't catch him. He isn't aggressive, I just feel like he doesn't have enough confidence and I don't know how to get him more confident. I've tried having people give him treats but again he's not really interested. If you have any advice I'd really appreciate it. My 9lb dachshund sounds like a monster with his barking! Thanks!

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