Victoria Stilwell Press Appearance Clips

Victoria on Anderson

Victoria on CBS Early Show - Barking

Victoria on The Today Show - 5 Tips For Every Dog Owner

Victoria on Headline News - Dog Attacks

Victoria on Nightline - DogTV

Victoria on Regis & Kelly

Victoria on The Today Show - Kathy Lee's Shoe-Chewer

Victoria on Martha Stewart - Puppies

It's Me or the Dog Showreel

Victoria on MSNBC - Pet Obesity

Victoria on HLN discussing Miami's pit bull ban with Jane Velez-Mitchell

Victoria on The Today Show - Positive Reinforcement

Victoria on Martha Stewart - Training Martha's Dogs

Victoria on ABC News

Victoria on The Today Show - Dog Body Language

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Positively Dog Training Episode 703

What’s the real reason so many people won’t adopt rescue dogs, and what happens when fosters or adoptions don’t go well?...

Positively Podcast 702

How to be prepared for natural disasters with your pet, what happens to dogs rescued from dogfighting rings, how to help your dog...

Positively Dog Training Episode 701

Victoria and Holly reconnect after a few months away and discuss how to recognize signs of pain in your older dog, keys to curbing...

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