Victoria Featured on Dogster

Victoria was featured in a wide-ranging interview on where she discussed positive training versus dominance and punishment, breed standards, no-kill rescue shelters, her Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training (VSPDT) network of positive trainers, shock collars, her Ehow Pets YouTube channel and much more.

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3 thoughts on “Victoria Featured on Dogster

  1. corey Lynch

    I need puppy training tips an how to get a puppy to stop whining when I leave home....plz help me....thank you

  2. Carly


    I was told by a dog trainer that if you're dog can eat while you're out, his problem isn't too bad. (E.g. not an emotional problem like separation anxiety.)

    Our dog whined & barked A LOT when we left the house, sometimes I'd sit in my car on the street below crying because of how noisy he was, and how sad he must be that I left. Nope, he just wanted attention & wanted us to come back! Hopefully your's is the same, so try what we did!

    Our dog trainer suggested we feed him when we leave the house (in this case, I left for work in a morning for 4 hours before coming home) but feed him in a Kong and fill it full of food & pack it in, so he could spend a good hour or so licking it out.

    He didn't even notice we left, and then just settled down with a full tummy. I think it helped the whining & barking very much, he certainly didn't view us going as a 'bad' thing.... He got a great treat from it!

    We filled with nature diet dog food. Our trainer said you could melt a little cheese on top in the microwave (watch it's not too hot) as a treat. We also put carrot in & jam it an an angle. You can also buy special Kong filler spray (but I have no idea what's in it) and kong biscuits designed to jam in and be a task to take out.

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