Victoria on WGN Petcast Radio

Victoria joined host and Positively Blogger Steve Dale on the WGN Radio's popular 'Petcast' radio show to discuss American Humane's Pet Meets Baby contest and safe dog-child handling.

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Listen to the interview:

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3 thoughts on “Victoria on WGN Petcast Radio

  1. Joe

    Awesome, my wife and I just had our first baby a week ago today. We do have an older baby Shiba. He's about 2 now and this will come in handy. He's been around children and babies for a while, but not for prolong periods of time, this will come in handy. He's never had any issues but the more information, the better.

  2. Andyspal

    I am absorbing this wealth of information against the day that I have grandchildren. We have two dogs and a cranky cat, and I think what I have heard today will help me keep my future grandchildren and my pets safe. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Mariza

    I love this podcast! This is a great way to help others understand that having a baby does NOT mean it is time to get rid of your pet! We have a cat and a dog. We had Tinks (our cat) well before baby. But our dog P-Nut we brought home while pregnant. We took painstaking precautions to teach P-Nut tolerance. We are fortunate has such an awesome demeanor. Baby is now 16 mos old. We are teaching her to give the dog treats INSTEAD of feeding him her food. We've also taught her the word "NICE" and she repeats it and pets both the dog and the cat "nice".

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