Victoria on the Today Show 8/5

Victoria was a featured guest on NBC's Today Show on Thursday morning, August 5th.  During the appearance she discussed how to read dog body language, commonly misunderstood dog signals, and how dogs think.

Watch the video here:

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7 thoughts on “Victoria on the Today Show 8/5

  1. Yolanda

    Thanks, Victoria, getting such important information out there on network television. Many behavior issues could be resolved if people just learned to recognize what their dog is telling them. Keep up the good work promoting Positive Reinforcement.

  2. Lisa

    Thanks so much Victoria. I've tried to tell people who first meet my dog not to stare at him when he's barking at them but it's awefully hard to do. After all, our first thought is to watch what the dog is going to do.

  3. Haley

    Hi Victoria!!! Me and my Cousin love your show we watch it everyday and i love how you do that!! I hate how the people don't listen to you though!! I have 2 dogs! My little American Cocker Spaniel is named Chloe and my Labrador Ratiever is named Rocky. Chloe pulls on her leash a lot once i walk her. Rocky doesn't listen to me much but i'm looking up how to clam chloe down on her walks and i have treats for Rocky for him to listen to me more!! 🙂 Thanks for Having a good show!! -Haley

  4. Crystal

    OMG!!! im a 7th grader, and the most animal lover you will ever meet!
    I loooove Animal Planet and watch it all the time. My favorites are, of course,
    "Its me or the Dog". Im a BIG fan of Victoria~!!

    I hope you are reading this, Victoria because I love you soo much!!

    #1 fan,

  5. Sandi Schlemmer

    Do yourself and dog a favor, when training your dog commands (sit, stay, come, etc.) be certain to teach hand signals as well as the words. When your dog gets old (if you are very, very lucky like me) and loses its hearing, you will be able to "work" your dog. It understand you and not get as confused. Makes them happier and most important SAFE. Spread the word, it's important.

    I posted this on my facebook... I have not watched or read all your training tips, but I found it very important today to be able to communicate with my old dog (15 years old) named Fly. She became upset and confused when I tried to get her to "sit/stay"... I will continue to work with her off lease to ensure she learns these commands to keep her safe, but I wanted to make sure that people like you spread the word to other dog owners, to ensure they keep their pets safe and happy when they get old... thanks.

  6. mitch

    Hi victoria i love your show it is so cool my grandma has a 5 year old english spinger spainel named chey
    i wish i could come to your house

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