Victoria on the Today Show

Victoria was a guest on NBC's Today  Show with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on May 9, 2011 to help train Kathy Lee's maltipoo puppy, Bambino.  The dog had previously been terrorizing Kathy Lee's prized shoe collection, so Victoria helped find solutions as well as provide information about why certain dogs chew household items.

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6 thoughts on “Victoria on the Today Show

  1. Rebekah Hintzman

    Why is it that whenever anyone goes onto a show like this, they are never taken seriously and the hosts never listen to the expert? All they seem to do is joke around and never really listen and are ok to spoil their dog and do nothing, but be lazy? It is a true shame. She should have listened closer to you Victoria! Her dog will continue to chew due to just plain laziness on the owners part and boredom on the dogs part!

  2. Margaret Amy Barnes

    I second that message! It became a very confusing interview, and Victoriq could not follow through on her explanations. I thought she did rather well not biting one of them! I'm afraid that owners don't listen as well as the dogs do! It also seemed like the whole thing was a joke to the hosts. I ended up feeling sorry for the little dog.

  3. Douglas Henninger

    The comment above already said what I had to say! Hoda, in particular, has to be talking all the time and interrupting. That behaviors is rewarded on talk shows and the featured guest shows as well. The producers can tell the hosts to pipe down and let the guest talk, but they choose not to.

    Victoria is a true to life dog expert. Would you interrupt Arnold Palmer if he was offering help with your golf swing?

    In my view, women tend to 'babify' dogs and are too ignorant of dog behavior to fix thei own problem, yet insist on overtalking a person with expertise as they (the owner) makes excuses about the pet. The pet simply has a minor unwanted behavior that is to be modeified to direct it to a suitable chew object.

  4. Connie henson

    I agree with the comment about hosts never allow their guests to speak. It is not only rude, but very distracting to the viewer who is interested in the guests comments and information.

  5. Carol Pierce

    I agree with all the above.

    My goodness, they didn't even get Victoria a chance to speak.
    They did all the talking. This women came to their show to help them, and all they did was talk
    and laugh or rush her.

    Did not enjoy how they treated Victoria.

  6. Pauline

    I felt bad for Victoria! I don't watch them but when I do happen to see them, on TV at work or something, they come across as a couple of materialistic airheads. I think it's rude to invite Victoria on and then not even let her say her piece. Like when the dog was licking the bone and KL (I think) went "this is so exciting!"....could you be more sarcastic / rude? The other one didn't even seem like she was interested in learning how to correct her dogs behavior. Poor dog!

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