Victoria on BSL [video] for Unleash Magazine

Victoria was interviewed by Unleash Magazine at last month's Boxerstock event outside Atlanta and discussed breed-specific legislation.

Watch the interview:

Visit Unleash Magazine (original link).

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3 thoughts on “Victoria on BSL [video] for Unleash Magazine

  1. J. Duell

    Thank you for your information/opinion on this issue. I agree that between the media and irresponsible pet owners, the bully breeds are getting a really bad rap.

    Wish your message could get to our legislators.

    Blessings to you.

  2. Martha

    Now I am totally confused. I read Nicholas Dodman's book, "The Dog Who Loved Too Much", and in his section on aggression, he writes about pit bulls specifically and uses the term "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", saying, if I recall from reading his book many years ago, that pit bulls, even those raised in loving, non-punitive homes are capable of hair trigger aggression. I love your entire "Me of the Dog" program, having watched most episodes, have taken in, so far, serially, 5 very small mixed breed shelter dogs in 15 years, one of which has bitten me many times due to bite inhibition, hired one of your hand selected trainers for him, in fact, so I am very sympathetic to any dog being misunderstood or not correctly trained. But then I read Dr. Dodman's book and then later the actual document, the unabridged paper presented by Peter Borchelt Ph.D., Applied Animal Behaviorist, in testimony for the City of Denver on pit bull bans, and he makes me feel that these dogs are, in America, often bred to be fighters, that they are bred to be genetically more aggressive, etc. I hope I am not misrepresenting Dr. Borchelt, but I get the impression that pits ARE a special breed and need to be handled by experience, understanding people more so than other breeds.

    I do not have a formed opinion, but I am totally confused now. Thank you.

  3. Roberta

    The pit bulls I have met are special in the fact that they have a desire to PLEASE their owners and will do whatever the owner expects. They are loving and loyal. They can be very sensitive to discipline so you must be gentle with them.

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