Victoria on BBC Radio 4: Similarities in Raising Kids & Training Dogs

Victoria was a guest on Michael Rosen's BBC Radio 4 program, Word of Mouth, on January 3, 2011.  On the show, she discusses the similarities in the ways children are raised and the way we train dogs.  While pointing out that kids are definitely not dogs and vice versa, and that they should not be treated as such, Victoria outlines why positive reinforcement is an effective tool whose core principles can be used in both child rearing and dog training.

Listen here.

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  • D

    Awesome - thank you so much!!

  • Vickie D. : Alpha’s owner

    Agree! I have always used positive reinenforcement with my children and any dog I raised/had. Yes, there is a difference but rewarding good behavior is a teaching tool that has worked for me. I like to catch them doing well and praising them for that! Victoria Stilwell you ROCK!

  • Ben

    Hi im looking for some advice for my dogs. They have turned aggressive towards other dogs and for no reason at all want to attack them. They attacked my mums dog an rippe her ear off. Im in the army so spend quite a bit of time away so my wife looks after them when I'm not here. Please can you ell me? I've tried positive reinforcement, tried discipline with them they just got a min of their own and are so stubborn. Please can you email me back thank u

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