Victoria on Anderson Cooper

Victoria will be appearing on Anderson Cooper's new daytime talk show, Anderson, after taping an episode last week.

The new show features the popular CNN host and premiered earlier this week.

In the upcoming segment, Victoria will be giving Anderson tips on how to brush his dog's teeth and watch as he attempts to reduce his canine companion's bad breath.  Also involved in the piece will be comedienne and Curb Your Enthusiasm alum Susie Essman, with whom Victoria appeared on several episodes of Curb: The Discussions.

The new show is in syndication, meaning the specific channel and air time are determined locally.

To check local listings in your area, use the "When It's On" link on the Anderson Cooper homepage here:

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2 thoughts on “Victoria on Anderson Cooper

  1. Theresa Coble

    this is wonderful. I love watching Victoria. I need help with my 1 year old aussie that has a mind of hisown and is getting out of control. everything I do, he counters. what a mind he has! I can't waite.

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