Victoria Discusses Lennox on HLN

Victoria was a guest on HLN's Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell on July 10, 2012, where she discussed Lennox and BSL.

Then she joined Jane again the next day, after Lennox was put to sleep by the Belfast City Council:

Text link to story.

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60 thoughts on “Victoria Discusses Lennox on HLN

  1. Lisa Wiitanen Lopez

    Dear Victoria & Jane,

    This story is horrible. This family got this dog for thier child for assisting, aiding, and for therapeutic reasons. I can only imagine what Lennox sensed when the Warden pulled up to take him. How does she expect him to react? I am sure he sensed something. His appearance throughout the passing years looked awful. Seperation issues come about in animals and I believe that is what he was suffering from only because I seen how my nieced cat looked when she left state while moving and then came back to pick him up. She had to get medication for him and now he is so beautiful. But it was stressfull for him when she left.

    I can't believe they did not listen to the Vet when he/she told them and the courts his blood DNA test proved he was an American Bull dog/Labardor mix. You mean to tell me after 2 years Belfast never considered to check into his DNA? Give me a break. Utter cruelty to do this to a young child and her pet. How can they look themselves in the mirror and feel justified for what they have done? How can that Warden not stop up and voice her true opinions while being videod petting the dog and smiling? Makes me sick.

    This family did everything right with this dog. Registered him, licensed him, DNA tested him, neuteral him, muzzled him when company came over, and kept him in a enclosed space while outside. Just awful. I have heard his living area was horrible. I heard at times he was not fed and someone at that Belfast animal shelter came at him with switches in order to make him appear mean, and one employee said he had bit him/her but under oath admitted it was a lie. I feel they were trying to make him mean cause they new they had made a mistake and had this person lie about Lennox biting them and it back fired.

    My heart is broken over this. Just a horrible story. Why would they not allow the family to see him before his passing or any other time? Probably cause he looked so bad and it was an embarassement to them to allow them to see him. Now, they will not send him to them to bury him but yet send them some of his ashes in the mail. What idiots and heartless people do this?

    Just sad Vicoria & Jane. I hope one day someone will bring her (the child Brooke) a male black labrador puppy and name him chance so she can live a happy life again. RIP Lennox. A true angel taken too soon.

  2. Helen

    BCC mistreated and neglected Lennox, held by them for 2yrs because of how he looked, he never did anything wrong, he was ripped away from his family and caged in hideous conditions, left confused and frightened, the saddest days of his life became a slow and painful death, no animal should be made to suffer like this, the way BCC 'dealt with' Lennox is absolutely appalling. I gladly join the international boycott, I sincerely hope BCC feels the immense butterfly effect they have intentionally caused for many years to come. Sleep well Lennox, we're so sorry we couldn't save you 🙁 our love for you lives on. ♥

    Petition - Boycott Ireland for Lennox:

  3. Heidi

    Thank you Victoria for your efforts. Even after the fact, we still need to know what happened. Ths is unacceptable.

    People say, "It's just a dog". Welll, it is also about principles. Justice. Corruption. LIes. In public office. THIS is NOT over!!!

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  5. Deedee D.

    An investigation and a documentary on this case needs to be done asap. The Belfast City Council members should be fired and penalized.

    One of the dog wardens crucified Lennox, but doing his temp test, he was LICKING her. SEE THE VIDEO. Don't know why this didn't surface before. No signs of aggression in temp test AND dog warden getting licked by Lennox!!

    Facebook posting of this debacle:

    Channel 4 news story on Lennox's case:

    Bring down Belfast City Council's BSL:

    Tribute to Lennox (video): -----> he had such a great life 'til he reached the pit of the Belfast City Council jail; look how bad he looked at minute 2:42 in the video

  6. Angela Doyle

    My message was as follows:- I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who doesn't like people wearing glasses, afro hair and men with hats. She will bark aggressively at them, because she is scared. At home and to most people she is the softest most loving dog we have EVER had. She was bitten once by a greyhound, who went for her neck, she turned on it and went for the greyhounds throat. Now if my dog was taken from me put in a bostal like kennel, like Lennox was, with no basket only sawdust on the floor, in solitary confinement, and away from the only people she knows and loves dearly. How would she react to strangers?. I think she would be stressed, scared and have fear aggression. Would my dog be killed also? Or would she be spared because she is an acceptable breed? Or would she also be classed as a Dangerous dog who is unpredictable? I am disgusted at Belfast Council and the way they handled this case. Trying to make this a show case, to act as a warning for others, has totally discredited the council who have shown a total lack of compassion for Lennox and his family. Of NOT listening to QUALIFIED behavourists (who I might add said they have seen worst behaviour in some Cocker Spaniels than lennox) but instead accepting the word of a police dog trainer, who is NOT a breed expert by the way nor a dog behaviourist. But last of all not even looking at alternatives to rehome Lennox in America, all expenses paid, to save a life. Then not allowing the family to say a last goodbye. That totally stints and makes people think WHAT ARE THE COUNCIL HIDING? Was Lennox in such a state that they did not want to show him to the outside world due to ill treatment whilst under the councils care. Because why not release his body to be buried then? To have TRUST AND FAITH is a big thing in life and I am afraid no-one will have any TRUST AND FAITH in Belfast Council OR the BELFAST JUSTICE system ever again.

  7. Kisa

    Like many others, I, too, am very disgusted about what Belfast has done. I think they are cowardly for not owning up to their mistakes, and whatever fear they may have had of the public eye if they had let Lennox live is now one hundred times worse. The public hates them more now than they would have if Lennox had lived.

    Every day, thousands of innocent lives, human or animal, are ended because of laws of injustice. Victoria is right, Lennox IS the poster boy of scenarios like this, and if we don’t put a stop to this, who knows how many breeds will be wiped out by the end of the century! Who are we going to go for next? Labradors, Chow Chows, Rottweilers? When will it ever stop?

    All animals are at our mercy. Are we going to abuse that advantage? So far, it looks like we are. Look at all of the endangered species, all the dogs and cats euthanized, all the abused creatures on this planet. The human race is the most complex species on this earth. We have the capacity and the ability to care for other beings, and to harm them. Which one are you going to choose? Well, here’s a hint: Belfast City Council made the wrong choice.

  8. Britany

    How sad!! I think that dogs should have a right too! The dog never harmed anyone! They just want to be mean to the dog and the family! I am so disgusted! I hope that poor instant dog wasn't put down! 🙁 Someone needs to do something about this. It's not right.

  9. Shelbie

    This is just cruel and animal abuse! Whoever killed this dog should be in jail! Poor dog 🙁

  10. Sandra Attewell

    I am as saddened about the plight of dear Lennox as everyone else,but this must NOT be forgotten,there are countless other dogs out there that need help and if those like Belfast council get their way who knows how many more innocent lives could be lost.
    The law must be changed,if not were will it all end.Will it be law to condemn a person who may look aggressive,or not happpen to comply with the way the `law`thinks they should look. This maddness has to stop! And NOW.We need to come together on this and demanded the law be changed,after all,we are the tax payers paying these idiots wages.
    It seems Belfast council and the rest had no intention of backing down and poor dear Lennox`s life was fated from the start.How dare they play God with others lives,how dare they!!! his poor family have been put through a living hell because some` jobs worth` thought they knew better,regardless of expert advice.Where was the flexibility in all this,using their eyes,ears and commonsense.
    I`ll tell you now,i wouldn`t go to Ireland ever, if that is how the animals are treated there.They can stuff it! And as for those involved in Lennox`s murder,because let`s face it that is what it is ( the killing of an innocent) i hope they are filled with remorse for the rest of their miserable lives.I also think they must have something to hide, because why wouldn`t they let his family see him and bring him home to be laid to rest.How utterly utterly heartless!
    We can only hope that the dear boy is now at peace along with dear Otis and all the other innocents.

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