Victoria Describes Pet Peeves in USA Weekend

Victoria joined other noted dog trainers and behaviorists in a recent issue of USA Weekend to describe her chief 'pet' peeve.

"We must stop dominance-based and punitive training methods. There’s no science there, and dogs don’t learn anything except to fear us. Positive training techniques work; not to mention they are more humane, enhancing the relationship with your dog instead of destroying it. If dogs are our best friends, they deserve our kindness and respect. I won’t rest until science-based positive training is the norm.”

Read the full article and other notables' pet peeves.

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  • Roger Barton

    Completely agree. The only thing better would be the ability to speak "dog", so that we could let them know things like, "Chewing the wallpaper off the bathroom walls would upset me terribly, so please don't even try it."

  • Suzi C

    I need to find a Positively trained trainer in my area to help me work with my rescued boxer-basset cross. She's very sweet, but there are moments when she gets a little zany, rambunctious and inappropriately destructive -- choosing furniture over toys, etc.

  • Wally O’Brien

    It would be a simple request. EVERYONE who ever gets a dog would have to train it, unless you've trained a dog before.

    If you have a dog that gets into trouble, you have to take another class.

  • admin

    Suzi, visit to see if there is a VSPDT trainer in your area. Good luck!

  • andy

    i never hit any of my dogs as i think its a form of bullying , i,ve trained my last border collie as well as this one , if dogs could speak they would drop us in it

  • Bev

    Agree! Thank you Victoria for teaching all of us how to be better friends to our dogs. We're always encouraging folks to get their puppies trained positively, and to continue the positive work at home, day in & day out. I've personally used your techniques to work with my retriever who believes he must provide a moment by moment account of the food being prepared - and now he knows he has to use his manners before dinner is provided. He also knows the words "polite" and "gentle". He's a great dog, and your training techniques made me a better dog parent to him!

  • Patricia Powers

    I absolutely agree! I have seen in my years of loving and having dogs. That those who think they know how their "Hands on" method of disciplining their dog works. My heart goes out to the animal that I have sadly witnessed being trained this way. All I really seen was a dog in complete fear. And I am not one to not speak my mind and what I would have no problem doing if they kept up that kind of training.(which I call abuse) I have given them your name to get correct instruction on training their loving animal. Thank you for all you do!!!!

  • Annette

    Please, please don't stop! Everyone needs to be better informed. The truth is dogs deserve much more respect and legal protection in our culture/legislative system. They do so much for us, they understand much more than we can even imagine...they deserve better than what is being done. Positive training teaches all that .

  • I agree 100%! I have been on the same mission, but I do not have the following you have!! 🙂 The following I do have is a small 11,000 subscribers on YouTube. 🙂 So, I am very HAPPY there are shows like yours to encourage people to learn how to train their best friends using positive humane methods! Keep up all the amazing work! Pam

  • Willa montague

    Thanks for what you do. all my wonderful dogs are from shelters and your methods have helped us immensely

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