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Victoria was featured in the “Ask an Expert” section of the Spring 2010 issue of Modern Dog.
In the one-page feature entitled “Ask Victoria Stilwell”, Victoria answered a reader’s question about her need to have a lot of dogs and cats in her family. Victoria’s answer is focused on the importance of realizing that having a lot of animals is not about a selfishly need for unconditional devotion. She suggested to make sure that all animals get along with each other, that they have enough space to live in and enough affection that will guarantee them a fulfilled life.  Read it here.

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2 thoughts on “Modern Dog – Ask the Expert

  1. Rana


    I have a wonderful 15-month-old yorkipoo, Chanel. For the first year of her life, I decided to paper train her, because I live in a large apartment complex. This process took some time, but eventually, I had no more accidents. However, I realized that if I want to travel with Chanel, and take her to friend's houses, housebreaking is necessary. So I started housebreaking from scratch, with the crate (to which is was already used to). I would take her out every 1-2 hours, rewarded her when she "did her business" and (tried!) to stay calm when there was an accident. However, after 3 months, I still have accidents in the house! I take her out on a regular schedule (5h30am, 7h30am, noon (when I'm home), 4pm, 7pm and before bed, around 9h30pm). However, she still sneaks a little pee (and rarely poo) here and there. My main problem is that she doesn't show signs of wanting to go out (by ringing the bell I have attached by the door, or by scratching the door).

    I have had her checked out, and there are no bladder problems! What am I doing wrong?!?!?! I need her to give me a sign that she needs to go out – and understand that doing her business inside is not acceptable...anymore!

    Thank you!!!

    Rana & Chanel

  2. Danielle

    Hi. My dog has an issue of hiccuping/gagging. This has been Going on and off for a month. He started out having a barium swallow done at the emergency vet clinic and nothing was found. A week later he started making the noises again. When he makes the noise, he starts licking and trying to eat anything in aight. It looks like he's in a little bit of pain. A week later he started doing it again and we were back at the vet - they x-rayed him again and the X-rays didn't show anything. Vet was still boggled so we ended up doing 'exploratory surgery' and nothing was found. They biopsied his stomach and intestine and nothing was found. He was great up until about a week ago and has since also switched his dog food to sensitivity diet. A few days ago he started again and we ended up at the emergency vet. I made it quite clear that he hasn't eaten anything and the problem seems to be in his throat. They crates his throat and nothing was there. They gave him a sedative and put him on sulcrate. The next night he did it again so I called the vet and they said to just keep an eye on him and if it doesn't stop to take him in. After about 45 mins he stopped.
    I have no idea what to do now. It's cost me about $4000 and I still don't have an answer. Could it be an acid reflux condition ? It's to the point now that I am anxious to be alone with him incase he starts.

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