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Victoria talks to HLN About Dogs Who Killed Their Owner

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Victoria joined host Erika Hill on CNN's HLN this week to discuss the story of the woman who whose dogs are accused of mauling and killing her.

Should The Woman Who Duct Taped a Dog’s Mouth Have Been Allowed to Keep Her Dogs?

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Should The Woman Who Duct Taped a Dog's Mouth Have Been Allowed to Keep Her Dogs?

Victoria’s “Inside Your Dog’s Mind” Seminar Comes to Canada

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Victoria will be bringing her renowned "Inside Your Dog's Mind" seminar to Canada in Spring 2016. Hosted by Arf'ul Good and ShannonCourt Pet Care, this one day event will be held at the Cornwall Civic Complex in Ontario, Canada on April 30, 2016.

Celebrity Dog Trainer Victoria Stilwell Introduces the UK’s First National Dog Bite Prevention Week, June 7th-14th

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In response to the reports of dog bites which continue to drive news cycles in cities across the country, renowned dog trainer and behaviour expert, Victoria Stilwell from Channel 4’s It’s Me or the Dog introduces the UK’s first National Dog Bite Prevention Week, June 7th-14th.

Victoria on Dog Bite Prevention

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Victoria was featured on HLN, where she talked about preventing dog bites, just in time for Dog Bite Prevention Week. With more than 4 million dog bites occurring just last year, it's critical that this important information becomes common knowledge.

For Immediate Release

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Official Press Release: State Farm® and Victoria Stilwell Educate Children about Being K9 Safe and Smart

Stress-Free Travel with Pets (Video)

Posted on: February 23, 2015 2 Comments -

Should you take your pets on vacation with you? In what cases is it a good idea to leave them at home? Victoria and four-legged friend Daisy were featured on HLN's The Daily Share, where Victoria gave tips for safely traveling with pets, both by car and by plane. She also discusses some special precautions that pet Read More

How to Exercise with Your Dog (Video)

Posted on: February 16, 2015 1 Comment -

Exercise is just as important for your dog as it is for you. There are lots of fun and easy ways to include your dog in your exercise regimen.

How to Introduce Cats to Each Other (Video)

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Why can't we all just get along? When it comes to our feline friends, it can be especially difficult to get them acquainted. Victoria was recently featured on HLN, where she discussed the best ways to safely integrate cats into the same household, and her best tips for having a harmonious home with multiple cats. Read More

Victoria Talks #PetResolutions on HLN

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Victoria was featured on HLN News Now, where she discussed the #PetResolutions campaign, and answered questions from fans and viewers about their pet's resolutions. She was joined by Daisy, a therapy dog for special needs children and who has been featured as the poster-pup for #PetResolutions. The segment talked about a dog's exercise needs, featured funny video Read More

Victoria Gives Thanksgiving Pet Tips on HLN

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Victoria gives her top tips for keeping pets healthy and happy during the holiday season. Included: giving dogs Thanksgiving table scraps, nipping pups, antisocial cats, biting rabbits and more.

Victoria’s AMHQ Segment on Thunderstorm Phobia

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Victoria was recently featured on the Weather Channel's morning show, AMHQ, where she talked about thunderstorm phobia.

Victoria Takes Part in the 2014 Hero Dog Awards

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As the lead judge and a featured presenter, Victoria Stilwell plays a key role in the fourth annual American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards.

Victoria Talks Trifexis Safety on HLN

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Victoria was featured on HLN, where she and Atlanta-based veterinarian Dr. Duffy Jones talked about the heartworm and flea/tick preventative, Trifexis. While some pet owners have reported that their pets have had adverse reactions to the drug, Victoria and Dr. Jones say that the drug is considered safe for use on your pets. However, you should always Read More

Jim Crosby Joins Victoria on BBC Radio London’s ‘Barking Hour’

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In London for this weekend's UK Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference, Victoria took fellow VSPDT, forensic dog bite investigator and good friend Jim Crosby along with her to her interview with Jo Good and Anna Webb on BBC Radio London's 'The Barking Hour' radio show. During  the 20 minute segment, they discussed the upcoming Read More

Victoria Talks Puppy Training on AMHQ

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Victoria was featured on the Weather Channel's morning show, America's Morning Headquarters (AMHQ), where she had the chance to spend time with adoptable puppies from the Atlanta Humane Society. Many families choose to bring home a new puppy over the summer since the kids are home from school and everyone has more time to integrate Read More

Victoria on UK’s Dangerous Dog Laws

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The Truth Behind Positive Training

Posted on: March 27, 2014 1 Comment -

On Sunday 23rd March 2014 there was a great article about dog training in the Sunday Telegraph as well as in the Telegraph online.  The article highlighted a study that found pets trained using aversive methods were 15 times more likely to exhibit symptoms of stress than those trained using "positive" techniques and that training Read More

Victoria Talks Zeuterin on Home & Family

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Victoria was recently featured on Hallmark Channel's morning show, Home & Family, where she and renowned veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart discussed the moral, behavioral, and health benefits of spaying and neutering. The two also talked about Zeuterin, the newest dog neutering procedure that has recently been approved for use in the United States. At the Read More

Victoria and K-9 Unit Featured on HLN

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Victoria was featured on HLN with Sgt. Paul Corso and D.S. Jason Cotton of the Gwinnett County Sheriff's K-9 Unit. They debuted sneak peeks of footage from an upcoming web series on the new Positively website, talked about the bond between handlers and their canine partners, and even demonstrated some obedience and bite work. Click Read More

Victoria Talks Dog and Baby Safety on HLN

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Victoria was featured on a segment with HLN's Mike Galanos, where she interacted live with a dog and a baby in the studio. She gave her top tips for keeping your new baby out of harm's way when you have an existing pet in your home, as well as how and when to safely introduce Read More

Victoria Talks Holiday Do’s and Dont’s on Home & Family

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Victoria joined friend and American Humane chief vet Dr. Kwane Stewart on the Hallmark Channel's Home & Family show to discuss some of the latest stress-relieving products available for dog owners and talk holiday do's and don'ts with your pets. Watch the clip below:

Victoria Talks About Aggressive Dogs on HLN

Posted on: November 16, 2013 4 Comments -

Victoria was featured on "News Now" with Mike Galanos on HLN, where she worked with a dog aggressive Jack Russell terrier named Sadie Mae, and a timid shepherd mix named Angelina. The two dogs met on-camera for the first time, and Victoria walked Mike through the two dogs' body language and the signals to look Read More

Victoria Talks About Solving Behavioral Problems on HLN

Posted on: November 15, 2013 1 Comment -

Victoria joined anchor Mike Galanos on HLN this week, where she answered questions from viewers about how to solve common behavioral problems such as jumping, begging, and peeing in the house. She also gave her top 5 training tips for training a new puppy, and even spent some quality time on-camera with one of the Read More

Teaching Dog Safety

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Victoria was featured in the August 2013 issue of New York Resident. The one-page editorial feature, written by Victoria, entitled “Teaching Dog Safety” discussed why children are more likely to be bitten by dogs than adults and provided simple rules and signals to keep yourself safe when interacting with dogs. Victoria stated, “In general dogs make Read More

Victoria Featured in the Wall Street Journal

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ictoria was featured in the “Personal Journal” section of the July 9, 2013 issue of The Wall Street Journal.

In the feature entitled “Burning Question: What Signals a Dog Is About to Attack?” Victoria gave her expert advice on how to read dog behavior and what to do in the case of an attack. Victoria stated, “Most dog attacks are perfect storms of human failure that could have been prevented.”

Victoria Chats About Child Safety with Dogs

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Victoria was featured in a live segment on the Mr. Mom with David Marin Show KSCO, which aired on June 28, 2013.

During the segment, Victoria gave advice on safety precautions to take when owning a dog and having young kids. Victoria stated, “You have to see what you as a parent can deal with and how you can educate your children to be safe around dogs. Parents and kids need to be able to understand K-9 language. There should always be active supervision.”