180x150_Podcast_1Join Victoria and her co-host (and It's Me or the Dog alum) Holly Firfer as they discuss everything from the hottest dog-related topics of the day to the inside scoop from the set of It's Me or the Dog and everything in between. A fun, informative and lighthearted look into Victoria's life and work, the Positively Podcast series also offers fans the opportunity to have Victoria answer their questions on the air.

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Episode 322

Holly stumps Victoria with an Animal Academy after Victoria recaps her skiing trip. Dr. Duffy Jones discusses allergies in pets, including Victoria's Chocolate Lab, Sadie, who suffers from extreme itching and licking on her foot during allergy season.

Episode 321

Holly introduces Victoria to After the Rapture, Victoria talks ski vacations, & Dr. Marty Becker (America's Vet) calls in to discuss his new fear free vet visit program.

Episode 320

Global Pet Expo, the Oscars, Dr. Marty Becker's fear-free vet visit protocol, Victoria's Swedish dog training seminar, the Miami Dog Bite Prevention conference on April 26th, and Victoria's recent inclusion on the board of directors for Canine Assistants.

Episode 319

The stay cue, Banana Joe the Affenpinscher, Dognition exclusive discount, cold weather tips, indoor scent marking, eating before your dogs, bad bedtime behavior and Jane's Addiction.

Episode 318

Valentine's Day gifts, the beauty of Ireland, Westminster Dog Show, dog photo contest winner, the launch of Dognition, the importance of recall, a new Animal Academy quiz and more.

Episode 317

Victoria's trip to Ireland for an upcoming project, how Holly lost her verbal filter, the Miami Dog Bite Conference & a chat with VSPDT trainer Amy Weeks.

Episode 316

The dangers of tethering, the Miami Dog Bite Prevention Conference, a chat with Family Paws Parent Education founder Jennifer Shryock about dog/child safety, Ask Victoria questions and a new contest to win a signed copy of Victoria's new book.

Episode 315

Holly's CNN shoot in Jerome, AZ, Victoria's resolution to for eat more healthily, how to feed your dogs a better diet, animal cruelty, MN-based VSPDT trainer Amy Sandmann talks about her therapy dog work with Pet Partners & more.

Episode 314

Recaps of new year's eve, re-giftmas, an interview with expert trainer Pia Silvani, the concept of 'dog psychology' in training, housebreaking Great Dane puppies, grieving dogs and more.

Episode 313

A holiday-themed podcast (warning - not a ton of dog talk here).

Episode 312

Dr. Paula Bloom joins the podcast to discuss dangerous foods for dogs, holiday cards, holiday puppies and more, plus new Ask Victoria questions.

Episode 311

Victoria talks to BAT creator Grisha Stewart, Reindog parade recap, shock collars, Noah's Ark animal sanctuary, Peter Emily's veterinary dentistry and Ask Victoria questions about redirection, growling and more.

Episode 310

Dogs Today editor Beverley Cuddy calls the Positively hotline to discuss everything from how the book 50 Shades of Grey relates to dog training to the battle between dominance positive training. Also, new Ask Victoria questions.

Episode 309

Thanksgiving recaps, cat quiz, an interview with VSPDT trainer Sam Wike, and Ask Victoria questions about bullying Pomeranians, a hat-stealing Collie, drugs for foster Terriers and unhousetrained Beagles.

Episode 308

A Thanksgiving-themed episode where Victoria and Holly are joined by their husbands (and Alex) and they all discuss what they're most thankful for. Holly quizzes the whole group with a new Animal Academy segment and Victoria's daughter Alex showcases her memorization skills by singing the 'Fifty Nifty United States' song.

Episode 307

Recaps of 40th birthday plans, the Denver Dog Bite Conference and VSPDT member retreat, interview with dog trainer Sue Sternberg, and Ask Victoria questions about digging dogs, aggressive farm dogs, rough play and more.

Episode 306

Recaps of the Hero Dog Awards and preview of the Denver Dog Bite Conference, child/dog safety tips, the opposition to BSL in Savannah, Holly's pizzas for charity and Ask Victoria questions.

Episode 305

Victoria & Holly catch up on overdue Ask Victoria questions, talk about how to help military working dogs in Afghanistan, and Victoria's canine forensic investigation work with Jim Crosby.

Episode 304

After restoring order following their husbands' hijacking of the podcast to discuss their fantasy football teams, Victoria & Holly are joined by the founder of Detroit Dog Rescue and the producer of her new Ehow Pets YouTube channel.

Episode 303

Victoria & Holly talk to the director of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center & the handler of a 9/11 working dog. Also discussed: the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, resource guarding, nipping, play drive in dogs and coexisting cats.

Episode 302

TV vet Marc Abraham joins the podcast to discuss his Where's Mum and upcoming Pup Aid benefits, and Holly has a new batch of Ask Victoria fan questions.

Episode 301

Victoria & Holly's new podcast season includes a recap of the past several months, a chat to Canine Assistants founder Jennifer Arnold, and a report on the Lennox case.

Episode 211

Victoria finally sings in this holiday episode and is joined in studio by her mother, from whom Holly tries to uncover dirt from Victoria's past.

Episode 210

Victoria & Holly recap the Reindog Parade, Holly's work on CNN and Homeless Pets Clubs. Pedigree Dogs Exposed filmmaker Jemima Harrison calls in to discuss breed standards issues.

Episode 209

Victoria recaps her recent trip to the UK. Holly talks about her work this week on CNN. Victoria's & Holly's husbands join them in studio to defend their dog-owning habits and shed light on the co-hosts' life beyond the cameras.

Episode 208

Why do some people choose domination with their dogs and/or kids? Victoria, Holly, and Dr. Paula Bloom discuss this, interesting dog trivia and more.

Episode 207

Victoria & Holly discuss Thanksgiving traditions and safety tips in this holiday edition. They're also joined by VSPDT trainer Daphne Robert-Hamilton for Ask Victoria, and Holly tries to stump Victoria in Animal Academy.

Episode 206

Discussion of new study regarding the way kids are disciplined & how it relates to dog training. Also: author Bob Vetere on how +R training applies to business, why Holly & Victoria don't shop with their husbands, dogs in show biz & more.

Episode 205

Victoria and Holly discuss pets as therapy for their owners with Dr. Paula Bloom. Also, adding cats to dog families, fear of fire, dogs that chase trucks & more.

Episode 204

Dr. Duffy Jones calls Victoria & Holly on the Positively Hotline to discuss canine halitosis & how to brush your dog's teeth. Also: dogs chasing livestock, potty training, why older teenagers shouldn't trick or treat & more.

Episode 203

Victoria and Holly are joined in studio by Dr. Paula Bloom as they discuss how to change perceptions of pit bulls, dogs digging in backyards, when doggie daycare is the right fit and more.

Episode 202

Victoria and Holly are joined by Through A Dog's Ear's Lisa Spector, who worked with Victoria and psychoacoustician Joshua Leeds to create the new Canine Noise Phobia Series.

Episode 201

Victoria and Holly discuss what they've been up to in this first episode of the new season. Includes: 8th season of IMOTD, dog knee surgery, Hero Dog Awards, BSL and more.

Episode 109

In this special 'Ask Victoria' episode, Victoria devotes the entire episode to answering listeners' questions.

Episode 108

Victoria and Holly discuss pet bereavement and grief, including anti-anxiety treatements for pets, raw BARF diets, how animals learn, Michael Vick and merengue dancing dogs.

Episode 107

Victoria trains a piglet and chickens, discusses VSPDT and her influences as a dog trainer, answers fans' questions & talks about good friend and songwriter Elio Pace.

Episode 106

Victoria discusses her history as a dog walker, appearances on Regis & Kellly and the Today Show, Cats and Dogs, the AVMA Conference, AVSAB, American Humane, behaviorists vs trainers, and the Lion King on Broadway.

Episode 105

Victoria is joined in studio by her daughter, who discusses her career plans. Also discussed: pit bulls, BSL, the AVMA conference, and how she met her husband (who also joins her in studio) in London's West End.

Episode 104

Victoria and Holly talk about anthropomorphizing dogs via painting contests, Victoria's early NYC episodes, dog senses, Holly's new coffeeshop, and Holly's career history.

Episode 103

Victoria discusses her recent travels, the new season of It's Me or the Dog in NYC, a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into each episode of the show, and more.

Episode 102

In this episode, Victoria and Holly discuss her recent vacation, animal cruelty laws, the special PAWS Atlanta episode of It's Me or the Dog, and much more.

Episode 101

In this inaugural edition of Victoria Stilwell's Positively Podcast, Victoria and her cohost Holly Firfer describe what the podcast series is all about.
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