Positively Dog Training Episode 307


Victoria describes the 40th birthday celebration she masterminded for her husband including a surprise party, 4-hour ziplining and city-wide adult scavenger hunts. A tribute to our war heroes on Veterans Day weekend as well as reviews of Lincoln, Argo and Skyfall and more. Victoria recaps her Denver Dog Bite Prevention and Awareness Conference and the first annual VSPDT member trainer retreat. Also, why Victoria decides to take her message of anti-BSL awareness to municipalities like Denver that currently have breed-specific legislation. Victoria plays her interview with expert trainer Sue Sternberg from last month's Association of Pet Dog Trainers conference.

Ask Victoria questions include:

  • helping Holly find a way to stop her dogs from digging in the backyard, especially when next-door neighbor Cavalier King Charles Winnie instigates the hole-digging fun
  • how to get a 3-year old German Shepherd farm dog to stop aggressing at other dogs on the farm and refusing to listen to the owners
  • why a 4-year old Australian Shepherd continues semi-rough behavior after rough-housing with the father of the family
  • what books Victoria has available about dog training
  • and more....


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