Positively Dog Training Episode 303

Victoria describes her attendance at the powerful opening ceremony launch event for the University of Pennsylvania's Vet School Working Dog Center on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. Holly discusses her recent visit to Dallas, and Victoria recaps her shoot in and around Detroit for her eHow Pets YouTube channel. They are joined on the phone by Katrene Johnson, the owner and handler of Morgan, one of the few surviving search and rescue dogs who worked in New York during the aftermath of 9/11. Also calling in on the Positively Hotline is Dr. Cynthia otto, the Executive Director of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center to discuss the exciting new work being done at the Center, why positive training is the only truly effective tool to use with working dogs, and how to determine whether or not your dog would make a good working dog.

Ask Victoria questions include:

  • How to stop a dog from nipping (resource guarding).
  • How to encourage a non-play-driven dog to play more.
  • How to get unfamiliar cats to coexist peacefully.


Show Links:

Katrene Johnson (Morgan), Sirius K-9 Solutions

Dr. Cynthia Otto, Executive Director of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center

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