Positively Dog Training Episode 303

Victoria describes her attendance at the powerful opening ceremony launch event for the University of Pennsylvania's Vet School Working Dog Center on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. Holly discusses her recent visit to Dallas, and Victoria recaps her shoot in and around Detroit for her eHow Pets YouTube channel. They are joined on the phone by Katrene Johnson, the owner and handler of Morgan, one of the few surviving search and rescue dogs who worked in New York during the aftermath of 9/11. Also calling in on the Positively Hotline is Dr. Cynthia otto, the Executive Director of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center to discuss the exciting new work being done at the Center, why positive training is the only truly effective tool to use with working dogs, and how to determine whether or not your dog would make a good working dog.

Ask Victoria questions include:

  • How to stop a dog from nipping (resource guarding).
  • How to encourage a non-play-driven dog to play more.
  • How to get unfamiliar cats to coexist peacefully.


Show Links:

Katrene Johnson (Morgan), Sirius K-9 Solutions

Dr. Cynthia Otto, Executive Director of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center

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3 thoughts on “Positively Dog Training Episode 303

  1. DeLinda

    Thanks for answering my question about cats - glad Holly was eventually able to eat. 🙂 And by the way, I have three males, and one female, and they get along pretty well. 🙂

  2. Amy Stewart

    Hi, victoria,
    im Amy, im 15yrs old, and live in the uk. And i have a few quistions, but first i have to say what a big fan i am of you and all your work you do with dogs and there owners, and i would love to meet you and work with you one day. my quistions i have to ask is how do i stop my labrador "Mango" stop jumping up at people at the door, and also she barks and her hackles on her back go up, she is NOT aggressive, but i dont want her jumping up at guests at the door, if we turn around like you do in "Me or the dog" it does not work, and also, the postman is a very big issue, as she mouthes his hands through the letter box on the door and it was funny to start with, but i don't want her to to that, it started with mum putting her hands through the door, as she always does it, and mango gets annoyed with her.
    she feeds mango at the table, lets her on the sofa, and mango gets away with everything and i get annoyed, because when i started to train her she turned into a very nice dog, but its gone the other way now.... mango does not have a food schedule becuase mum says she looks hungry and puts food down, and feeds her at the table, i dont no how mango isnt fat!, i want mango to be a behaived dog, you know? and my other quistions are pulling and not coming back, well pulling ive tryed absoulty everything on this dog, harnesses, head collars, but she is really scareed of them, as we rescued her from a family that was mean to her.and calling back, she does not listen, when im out for a walk she runs off and cant ever get her back, and last year a dog attacked her a couple of times, so she has built up energy and anxiety to dogs, im just so up-set, as everyones lab is so well behaived and mango isnt, i have no controll with her, and she gets very excited in the car and barks and whins alot and it can destact mum from her driving and we could crash, i just want some advice to get her better, ive tryed dog classes and she is doing well but i cannot hold her. and the class has othered everything to stop her pulling.hope to speak with you soon victoria.
    thanks, your biggest ever fan, Amy!!.

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