Positively Dog Training Episode 302

Victoria talks with Holly about her upcoming trip to Detroit to film with Ehow Pets, the trials and tribulations of writing her 3rd book, her support of the new Penn Working Dog Center preview, and 3 new trainers who recently joined the VSPDT network.

Marc Abraham, founder of Pup Aid and Where's Mum, is featured on the Positively Hotline to discuss the worldwide efforts to ban puppy farming (puppy mills).

Included in the Ask Victoria segment:

  • How to get a dog to stop eating grain-based bird feed, and why grains are not good for dogs.
  • How to get one dog to stop pottying where the other dog in the house potties.
  • How, when and where should you get a new dog that's ok with cats and kids.
  • How to get a sofa-loving dog off the sofa.

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3 thoughts on “Positively Dog Training Episode 302

  1. Fran

    The file for Episode 302 has a problem. It is only 48 seconds long. I do love listening so please fix it.

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