Positively Dog Training Episode 204

Victoria and Holly are joined on the Positively Hotline by Victoria's vet, Dr. Duffy Jones, as they talk about canine halitosis and why/how to brush your dog's teeth.  Also discussed, Holly's trip to the upper midwest, Victoria's emceeing of the Dog Jog, Halloween recap, upcoming live shows and more.  Ask Victoria questions include: potty training setbacks, treating the elderly as chew toys, and how to teach puppies not to chase other animals.

Victoria with Anderson Cooper and Susie Essman


Holly in Deadwood

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One thought on “Positively Dog Training Episode 204


    When Holly said she's never been to Tombstone, I could have said: It's a really great place, except don't go there at night, cuz you might see a ghost! I'm not joking. Quite a few places there are haunted. At least I went there in the daytime! hehe. 🙂 😀

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