Positively Dog Training Episode 107

Victoria describes her experience training a piglet named Mud for a recent episode of It's Me or the Dog, and also her time training chickens and recording rap songs with dog owners from the show.

Also discussed:

  • Victoria's exciting new global network of positive reinforcement dog trainers - Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training.
  • Victoria answers a fan's question about the people who influenced her as a dog trainer and are now Positively Expert Bloggers here - Karen Pryor, Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell, Nicholas Dodman, etc.
  • Victoria's good friend and songwriter/pianist Elio Pace - the artist behind the Positively Podcast themesong 'Addicted to the Phone'.
  • Ask Victoria questions about:
    • Food aggression misdiagnosed as rage syndrome.
    • The leave it command working on cats as well as dogs.
    • How to train a dog to pee on a weewee pad.
    • Birthday wishes to a special listner in Minnesota
    • Dogs sniffing people with old injuries

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