Positively Dog Training Episode 104

In this episode, Victoria and Holly discuss:

  • The first episode of the new season of It's Me or the Dog in New York City.
  • The toll of working away from her family
  • Holly's new coffeeshop - The Funky Monkey in Atlanta
  • Anthropomorphizing dogs in the form of dog painting and dog costumes.
  • Victoria's take on dog clothing.
  • The 2nd half of Victoria's dog senses quiz in Animal Academy.
  • Holly's background in the news and radio business - how she started, her history as a reporter with CNN, her work as a DJ on the radio, and what she's working on now.
  • Victoria answers listeners' questions about:
    • her dog Sadie
    • excessive salivation
    • the use of choke chains on leash-pulling dogs

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Episode Links:

20/20 Show link to piece on dog painting/costumes

YouTube clip - Dramatic Stalking Cat

Holly at the Burt Reynolds Museum:

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