Positively Dog Training Episode 702

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In the wake of the recent natural disasters (hurricanes, fires, etc.), Holly and Victoria talk through the importance of disaster preparedness, especially as it relates to looking after your pets. How to pack a pet-friendly emergency bag. Victoria also describes her experience documenting evidence and serving as a behavior analyst for a recent bust of a dogfighting facility in Georgia.

Heather Paul from State Farm calls in on the Positively Hotline to discuss the dogfighting ring she helped Victoria document. They discuss the issue of what happens to fighting dogs once they’re rescued from situations like this. Victoria also asks Heather about State Farm’s longtime Arson Dog Training Program – the subject of a web series Victoria produced a couple years prior – and discusses the importance of not discriminating by dog breed when writing insurance policies.

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Questions include:

  • Figuring out why a 6-year old dog doesn’t want to go outside for walks.
  • A dog who will not come back inside from the backyard after potty time in the morning.
  • A volunteer at a local shelter finds that a certain dog barks at every dog he sees.
  • Whether it’s a good idea to get two littermates (brothers) – what about potential fighting issues?
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