Positively Dog Training Episode 701

This episode of the Positively Podcast is brought to you by  Zukes.

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Victoria and Holly reconnect after a few months away during which they used social media to stay connected both personally and professionally. Follow them online at:

They discuss older dogs such as Victoria’s 15 year-old Chocolate Lab Sadie and Holly’s pit bull mix Kashmir who has been undergoing her second round of chemotherapy. Also: how to recognize signs of pain in your older dog, including Louise Swindlehurst’s 5 ways show they’re in muscular pain (via the Canine Massage Guild).

Ask Victoria questions include:

  • Newly adopted dog is an avid humper who needs help learning curbing overly rambunctious play.
  • A single dog is great during the day but “naughty” at night – squeaking throughout the night. Would another dog to keep him company help manage this behavior?
  • 1 ½ year old Golden Retriever knows basic cues, but gets very anxious when guests come to the house to visit.
  • How to get a dog used to water so that they can have stress-free baths.


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