Positively Dog Training Episode 503


Dr. Paula Bloom joins Victoria and Holly in studio to talk through the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks and how we process tragedies:

  • integrating the information into our lives
  • how to talk to kids about tragedies
  • The way we’re wired for empathy, making it extra hard to process
  • The concept of compassion fatigue

Victoria recounts the story of Diesel, a police dog who was killed in the line of duty while apprehending the lead organizer of the terrorist attacks. Paula asks whether it is right to ask dogs to work in military and police settings, and whether dogs are capable of giving their ‘consent’ to go into dangerous situations. Do dogs feel and experience actual love, or is their affectionate behavior just a representation of their need for safety and pleasurable experiences.

Holly describes her recent interview experience with acclaimed psychologist Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Victoria talks about the need for women to have the opportunity to communicate with each other, and Paula opens up about a troubling experience she encountered with Vegemite.

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