Positively Dog Training Episode 409

550x300_positively_podcastsOn this episode, Victoria and Holly discuss a controversial new documentary, Of Dogs and Men. The documentary explores the recent epidemic of dogs being shot by law enforcement officials. Victoria participated in the documentary with the police K-9 unit that star with her in her upcoming web series, Guardians of the Night, and gives her take on the importance of the film. They also chat about this week’s Dog Bite Prevention Week in the UK.

On the Positively Hotline is pet expert and radio host Steve Dale, who revisits the podcast to share some important information on the unique behavioral and medical conditions that can afflict senior cats. He has some especially great insights to share on Feline Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, which is similar to Alzheimer's in people.

Ask Victoria questions include:

  • How can you stop a dog from jumping on and barking at people?
  • How should you interact with a dog that you've never met before?
  • What can you do to stop a puppy from constantly whining and pacing?
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