Positively Dog Training Episode 407


As Victoria’s #poopandtell campaign with Earth Rated comes to a close, she and Holly read some of their favorite submissions. One dog pooped his way into his forever home, and another even let one loose in the UK Prime Minister’s VIP carriage!
Radio show host and pet journalist Steve Dale calls the Positively Hotline to discuss cat socialization and the importance of stress-free veterinary care for cats. He talks about kitten socialization classes, and how they could benefit cats in the US. But as Steve explains, it’s extremely important that the kitties are within a very specific age window.

Ask Victoria questions include:

-How can you stop a dog from pooping as soon as she comes inside?

-How do you motivate an older dog that’s not highly interested in toys or treats?

-What do you do to stop a puppy from whining and crying throughout the night?

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