Positively Dog Training Episode 322

Holly stumps Victoria with an Animal Academy after Victoria recaps her skiing trip. Dr. Duffy Jones of Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital calls the Positively Hotline to discuss allergies in pets, including Victoria's Chocolate Lab, Sadie, who suffers from extreme itching and licking on her foot during allergy season.

Ask Victoria questions include:

  • How long is it ok to crate a dog, and how do you know what size crate to use? Should you put food and water in the crate?
  • A one year old cavachon eats everything, from cookies, to paper, to even socks. How do you stop dogs from eating inappropriate things?
  • Two 5 month old Golden Retriever siblings fight when walked together. How do you stop them from redirecting aggression on each other?
  • A 2 year old Pug has a habit of licking carpets and eating hair off the carpets. How do you break such a bad habit?
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3 thoughts on “Positively Dog Training Episode 322

  1. DeLinda

    I think the reason they use a red cape to entice the bull is because people associate the color red with danger and/or excitement. The red cape gets the audience going because of the color - the MOTION of the cape entices the bull. That's what I believe. But I also agree that bull fighting is atrocious and disgusting.

  2. Linda

    Thank you for a very informative conversation about allergies. You gave me some good ideas.
    I am sorry to hear Sadie suffers so much- hope she's feeling better soon.

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