Positively Dog Training Episode 321

What happens to your pets when you leave them behind? One enterprising woman has developed a unique twist on the answer to that question by setting up a business called 'After the Rapture' which looks after people's pets once the rapture has occurred. Victoria and Holly discuss. Victoria also talks about her ski vacation.

Victoria Stilwell promoting her new book, Train Your Dog Positively with Marty Becker at the Global Pet Expo.

Victoria with Dr. Marty Becker at the 2013 Global Pet Expo.

Dr. Marty Becker calls the Positively Hotline to discuss his Fear Free vet visit protocol, which includes making the pet carrier part of the household fun furniture, the use of pheromones to create positive associations with the carrier, the use of certain green, organic petraceuticals, the use of Through A Dog's Ear music, specialized 'wait management', placement of pet carrier, clipnosis, Thundershirts and much more. Dr. Becker also talks about how he has time for all of his work as an author, web personality, TV personality, and how he ended up as America's Vet on Good Morning America and resident vet expert on Dr. Oz.


Show Notes:

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