Win a free copy of the new Marley and Me movie on DVD

I loved Marley and Me.  The book and the movie.  Made me laugh, cry, commiserate and celebrate.  How about you?

Well guess what:  there's a new prequel out in stores now:  Marley & Me: The Puppy Years went on sale this week, and I have a few copies to give away to fans who share their stories about life with their puppies.

The adorable sequel to the original hit movie follows the adventures of Marley as a puppy, and features some wonderful scenes of agility training. Agility is a great way for dogs (especially puppies) to socialize, build confidence and develop while having fun with their people!

What's great about this movie is that it reinforces the belief that exposing your young puppy to a wide range of novel cues -- new people, places, sounds and smells -- in a safe, happy, positive environment is the secret to a wonderfully well-adjusted dog.

Did you take your puppy to agility classes?  This is your chance to tell the world about all the craziness that ensued when you brought home your first puppy.

To enter for a chance to win a free DVD of the movie, just comment to this post telling us about your experience and 'Like' this page by clicking the Facebook button below.

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58 thoughts on “Win a free copy of the new Marley and Me movie on DVD

  1. sam ames

    when we got our first lab who is a fox red he was so funny he really reminded me of the andrex pup he had a thing for toilet rolls you would only need to turn your back for a second and he was off henze we named him Gizmo lol. not long after that we got another lab pup she was white in colour so soft to touch she felt like velvet i called her Sophie, we had great times taking them out and training them but due to me having bad knees i had to go and use crutches which is bad enough to walk just on your own so when it came to taking sophie out i found it hard, so i went on every web-site you can think of and started to train her at the age of 5mths to be my assistant dog, she learnt so quick she was a dream, i did try to train Gizmo but for some reason the washing machine was a monster to him and the thpoought of him putting his head in there to get stuff out was a big no no..... sophie she didnt care i put a treat in the machine for her and she went straight over and got it from the back of the machine, she already new how to fetch and hold so when i pointed she went straight in and got them out, i have since the gone into a wheelchair and sophie knows there is a change as i can put her lead on adn she will walk a t a nice slow pace she loves off lead play if she pups she will wait to see if they come over and she is so gentile with them. Gizmo well he is just funny, well its not because he has got thids fear that if you more something into the middle of the room if cleaning he will not go past it, to start with it was funny, but like most things this our new challenge to help our boy get over his fear and see its not a threat. for two labs that have the quickest learning brains in the world thay both have totally diffrent personalatys i have loved every part of watching them grow up to be fab adult dogs and would nevedr of missed it in the whole world.... if you was to ask me today even with my health problems would i go through it all again my answer is...... yes in a heart beat will never be with out a dog in my life i lived with dogs from the age 6mths old and havae learned so mucn.

  2. Manuela


    I'd love to win that DVD. I love animals and I'm really happy I found someone, like Victoria, who has great respect of dogs. Her method is what I was looking for. A positive approach is indeed the best way to work and live with dogs. Being the best friend of the human being they deserve to be treated well ALWAYS !!!

  3. Pauline

    Me and my boyfriend just got our first black labrador puppy a few weeks ago. We named him Ziggy as we didn't want to name him Marley but being fans of reggae decided to keep it within the marley family :). He's very smart. He learned to sit in one day and is pretty much house trained. He has little accidents when we don't recognize the signs fast enough. It's very overwhelming at times as he hates to be left alone so limits us on our goings out. We adore him though! He loves meeting new people and dogs. I just worry sometimes that he will go up one day to a human or dog that won't be too friendly and break his rosy outlook on the world. He loves to play hide and seek and always finds me right away. He mouths a lot but we are trying our best to train him using the positive approach. He loves his treats. Very soon we'll introduce him to swimming. I can't wait to film his first swim! Having a dog is a huge responsibility because it's no longer just you, you have someone that depends on you like a child. But even more so. It makes me sad to see people getting a dog just on a whim and when it doesn't suit their lifestyle the dog goes on to another home. I've promised Ziggy a forever home and for better or worse that's how its going to stay :).

  4. Sarah Perry

    Hi, my whole family has become a strong viewer of your series on the television and it has helped my children further understand our dog. We have a cross breed, his mother was a jack russel, and his father was a cross between a shitzhu and a chinese crested powder puff. He has a lovely temperment and is black and white. I loved Marley and Me, my daughter (9) still asks to watch it over and over again.

  5. Bev

    I have always loved animals. Currently I have four dogs and three cats. They range from 14 years to 1 year in age. My youngest is Bailey. Bailey is a blue pitbull with white markings. Bailey gets a long great with all of the other animals. She loves to play fetch and she loves to snuggle. She also loves her kong toy and squeaky toys. We are doing some work with weave poles now and she seems to enjoy this activity as well.

    Bailey has always been a quick learner. Commands like sit, lay, speak, drop, and potty came easy to her. However, when we had our snowy period this past winter... her potty training sort of froze up. lol She appeared to hate the cold weather and forgot all about letting anyone know that she needed to go outside and would ofter refuse to potty if you took her out in the snow. This made for a very difficult winter! It was not a fun time but as time has gone by, I can sort of look back laugh about how much this little darling hated the snow. Thankfully, after the snow melted I was able to get her back on track and she has been doing great since then.

    Starting in mid September I will be continuing Bailey's training at Paws4Ever in Mebane, NC because I have 4 month old granddaughter living near me and a new grandson due in 4 weeks. The grandson will also live near me so it is very important to make sure Bailey is well trained. Should I win a copy of the Marley & Me (the puppy years) It will be shared with my grandchildren.

  6. Jennifer B

    When Toby came to live with us it was not my idea. My daughter wanted him and her father gave him to her. I was resolved not to love him but the minute I held him he became my dog and I have no idea how I will live without him, when his time comes. Toby is a beagle and he's definately a mama's boy. I really didn't have a hard time training him. He's super social and loves to walk and be outside. The one thing he did that I wasn't pleased with was when we moved into the new house. He was probably about three, four months old, and somehow he got a hold of my favorite bra and chewed it to bits. It's a good thing he'd already gotten me hooked with those big brown eyes! I learned my lesson and invested in a couple baby gates!

  7. Sophie

    In Feburary this year (2011) I finally broke my fiancee down to get a dog. Having grown up with beagles, boxers and various terriers and my own Westie being put down in the pervious November due to suffering with cancer I felt I was ready to have a four legged friend again.

    I contacted a breeder slyly and told the fiancee after it was done - She sent me photos of the puppies that were left and I shared them with him and asked him which one he liked best. We agreed the tiny little brindle boy, who was just adorable was the one we wanted.

    On our first visit the idea that he was our dog was cemented. He was a lot smaller than the other boys - and is a cross. Mum and Dad were both owned by the breeders and were beautiful creatures. Mum - a Stunning red pedigree boxer, Dad a pure white English Bull Terrier x Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

    After our first visit we named him Donnie. We went back most weekends to see him as I had agreed we would collect him when he was 9 weeks old. Both myself and my fiancee worked full time, and our property has no garden but I was determined that he would be a well rounded dog who knew when he had to listen. So far, so good-ish,

    We collected him on a Saturday evening, poor little thing was terried of the car and was travel sick, he cried all night for his litters mates and I don't blame him.

    I have helped him overcome his fear of cars after spending hours, days, weeks and months feeding him in the car and taking him on little journeys to get him use to it -he is now a dream in the car. He no longer cries at night but instead lets me know when it's bed time.

    Toilet training was a mission but due to his size, I had deicded he'd be crate trained. And he is his crate is his haven, he asks to go out. And it's where he runs too with his bones.

    He sounds fantastic but he is currently 9 months old and we're still working with him and will be for the rest of his life. So far he has eaten, poop (his own and anyone elses), a whole Malt Loaf, Half a loaf of Brown Bread, a couple of boxes of eggs, 3 beds, and a hand made patchwork quilt. He drives me insane, he wakes me at 7am or 8am most weekends. He slobbers on me, he headbutts me, he drinks my bath water, he thinks everything and everyone is there to be his friend. He eats like a horse and at times cost me an absolutely fortune because he's a nut case. He's eaten things he shouldn't, worried me sick. He hates stinging nettles but can't help himself trying to eat them on daily walks he'll give chase to things that aren't there. I've made sure he is a well socialised dog by walking him with other dogs, taking him out when neighbours are out with their dogs, taking him to family get togethers and meeting up after work with friends so he can have some doggie time. He also comes to a dog friendly pub local to my parents where he gets treats, attention and yet more play time with the local dogs. Not to mention everybody says what a handsome chap he is.

    We've got guidance and training from a friend who is a dog trainer.

    And best of all he's an awesome foot warmer and will often lie on my feet or by my chair. He does drive me insane, especially if I've been out with the girls the night before and he decides it's time to get up on a Sunday morning. But he is my baby, and I love him to bits - where I go he goes. When I get home he's always there to see me and make sure I've not forgotten him. In just 9 months he's gone from what resembled a furry, brindle and white sausage to a handsome lean dog.

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